Daughter in Kim Tae Hee starring 'Hi, Bye Mama' is a boy; here is why

Hi Bye Mama starring Kim Tae Hee and Lee Kyu Hyung aired its first episode on February 22, here is why the protagonist's daughter's role is played by a boy in the drama

After Crash Landing On You, tvN's Hi Bye, Mama has become the issue of discussion. Especially the role of the protagonist played by Kim Tae Hee's daughter is the talk of the town. The role of the daughter of Kim Tae Hee and Lee Kyu Hyung is played by a boy named Seo Woo Jin. Here is the reason why the production cast a boy for the role of a girl.

According to SpoTV News, Seo Woo Jin was selected for the role as he looked identical to Kim Tae Hee. In addition, his acting skills won over the casting crew. So far, Seo Woo Jin is playing a convincing role as Kim Tae Hee's daughter in the drama. Emotional scenes between Kim Tae Hee and Seo Woo Jin were well appreciated and in fact, most of the production crew also did not know that the daughter's role was being played by a boy.


Hi Bye Mama

Hi, Bye Mama started airing on February 22. It is the story of a family that includes parents and their lovely daughter. But an accident kills the mother played by Kim Tae Hee. But she returns to her husband and daughter able to live as a ghost for only 49 days.

Kim Tae Hee plays the role of the ghost mother as Cha Yu Ri. She is able to return as a ghost because of her unfulfilled wish of holding her daughter enough in her arms. Will she disappear or hold her ground or return as a human being is the plot of the drama.

'Hi, Bye Mama' recorded good ratings

The drama recorded good ratings for its opening episode. Nielson Korea reported that on February 22, the drama achieved 5.9 percent viewership nationwide and 7.2 percent in peak hours. With this, it was awarded the first place (at that slot for the first episode) across all cable channels. Most viewers were between the age group of 20 and 49.

Another new drama that is making news is SBS's Hyena. It recorded nationwide ratings of 7.5 percent and nine percent for its first and second episode respectively. However, KBS 2TV's Beautiful Love Wonderful Life surpassed all these dramas and recorded an average viewership of 22.4 percent and 26.9 percent for last week's two episodes, respectively.