Date of Lee Jong Suk's Seoul fan meeting revealed

The actor had delayed his military enlistment duties to promote his new movie and drama.

Lee Jong-suk
Actor Lee Jong-suk.

Fans of Lee Jong-suk need not worry, the date of his domestic fan meeting has been revealed. The South Korean actor had already decided to push back his military enlistment duties to a later date.

As noted by website Allkpop, Le Jong-suk's South Korean fan meeting will happen in September 10. The event will be held at 4 p.m. KST in Seoul's Olympic Hall.

Lee Jong-suk received mandatory military enlistment summons on August 10. However, he decided to delay his duties to promote his new movie 'V.I.P' as also his upcoming drama, 'While You Were Sleeping,' co-starring Suzy Bae. He also starred in the TV series 'W,' whose screenwriter, Song Jae-jung has been nominated in the 2017 Seoul International Drama Awards. Once his enlistment begins, the actor will have to leave the entertainment industry for the next two years.

The initial delay in setting a date for the fan meet had made his fans restless. Jong-suk took to his Instagram on August 11 to apologise for the delay. "I felt there were a lot of fans anxiously waiting for the fan meeting TT.. so [let me explain] briefly.. You see, we were in the process of coordinating a fan meeting and.. At YG, each team is very confident and proud, but they lack efficient communication skills.." he said.

Jong-suk continued, "There was a differing opinion with the stage production team and we ate up quite some time hiring an outside source for stage production, so it may be that [the fan meeting] may not happen this year.. (tears) I'm sorry for making you wait. I will notify you as fast as possible!" Well, he didn't keep his fans waiting for long about the fan meet date.

As noted by Soompi Actor Kim Myung-min, who stars opposite Lee jong-suk in the upcoming movie 'V.I.P.," recently praised the latter in a V Live broadcast on August 16 by saying, "he's a great junior." Jong-suk thanked him and said, "I had a lot of scenes with Kim Myung Min. It was my first villain role, and I was scared as it was a new acting challenge for me. However, it helped me a lot that every time Kim Myung Min taught me something, he taught me detailed points that would help evoke emotions better rather than be abstract."

Kim Myung-min also revealed that Jong-suk was very open about his problems and would readily approach others for help. "I'm not the type of person that will directly approach people first. But Jong Suk is that type of person. If he is frustrated or unsure about some parts, he will ask, 'How do you do this part? Please tell me.' I thought that at first he was acting that way on purpose, but it was nice to see that [he was being genuine]. I have to let everyone [about] how he studies and is passionate even though he's a top star, since it is so nice to see," Myung-min had said.

'V.I.P' releases in cinemas on August 24. Watch the trailer here.

This article was first published on August 17, 2017