Dashdot Co-Founder Goose McGrath Lands A Spot At Entrepreneur's Top 10 Real Estate Entrepreneurs Of 2023

Goose McGrath

Real estate is one of the world's most established and lucrative industries, and it is constantly evolving. In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, keeping an eye on the top players in the real estate industry can give investors and aspiring entrepreneurs a glimpse of what the future holds.

Entrepreneur has recently compiled a list of the 'Top 10 Real Estate Entrepreneurs to Watch for in 2023'. These entrepreneurs are revolutionising how the world invests in real estate, using innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to transform the industry, thus making waves and changing the game in real estate.

Goose McGrath, Co-founder and CEO of Dashdot - Australia's leading Property Portfolio Growth Partners, and Global Proptech Solutions - the world's leading Real Estate Investment Intelligence company.

With Goose's leadership together with his partner and Co-Founder, Gabi Billing, Dashdot has been pivotal for people from all walks of life looking to invest in real estate without breaking the bank. The company's advanced data and technology solutions are continuously transforming how Australians view property investments.

Goose McGrath's entrepreneurial journey

Goose started his entrepreneurial journey at 17 when he dropped out of school to start his first business, organising music festivals. Since then, he has operated businesses on three continents, serving both the public and private sectors.

In 2018, Goose and his business partner Gabi Billing turned to property investments, but certain factors were not considered, resulting in a significant loss. The experience had been a turning point for the two, which made them more determined to crack the code of effective and income-generating ways of investing in properties. The relentless pursuit of a solution led to the creation of Dashdot, which has since helped over a thousand people start and scale their property portfolios.

"Though we learned it the hard way, we pursued it because we believed there had to be a better way for people to achieve financial flexibility and lifestyle freedom through property investing. We are glad we created the perfect technology that is now benefitting many Australians, no matter what their investment levels and journeys are," Goose explains.

Goose's entrepreneurial journey is also reflected in his book, Limitless: The Renegades Guide to Building Wealth Through Property, and his podcast, Wild Goose Chase.

Through his podcast, Goose, together with other successful and inspirational entrepreneurs, shares expert knowledge and insights on how to successfully build a thriving business and investments in today's economic climate.

"Now streaming with more than 190 episodes, Dashdot Insider podcast aims to inspire, motivate, and guide passionate and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to create a life of freedom, choice, and abundance," Goose adds.

All about the leading property investment partner, Dashdot

Dashdot is Australia's leading property investment company, claiming spot 14 of the Deloitte
Tech Fast 50 Awards this 2023, the only real estate company on the list. The award recognises Dashdot's 800% growth over the last three years, a notable spike for a bootstrapped startup that has only been operational for less than four years.

Dashdot's winning recipe lies in its unique "heart + data approach." It uses high-level proprietary technology to best serve Australians in finding the right property in the right place at the right time. Despite what the market says, they strongly believe that owning a property in Australia is possible by finding and buying the right property that best fits the client's needs, goals, and financial capabilities.

"We help people build scalable and profitable property portfolios by finding the right property, in the right place, at the right time, so you can achieve your life goals faster and with way less risk," Goose explains.

Topping their high-level data and technology is their world class client experience. Dashdot consolidates every part of the property investment buying experience for their clients. They handle all the work, from sourcing and securing to settlement.

"The technology side of the company is remarkable, but what makes our offering even more special is the heart that our team put into the client service part of our business. It's both data and heart that sets us apart", Jason D'Silva, Head of Client Success, says.

At present, Dashdot has helped over 1,000 people start and scale their property portfolios. The company's success is a testament to Goose's entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to finding innovative solutions to old problems and elevating how people live their lives today.

Being recognised as one of the Entrepreneur's Top 10 Real Estate Entrepreneurs to Watch for 2023 is a significant achievement for Goose, but it is just the beginning of his journey and Dashdot's. With his innovative ideas and commitment to finding solutions to old problems, he will continue making waves in the real estate industry for years to come, transforming the way the world invests, one property at a time.