Darrell Brooks: Dramatic Moment Waukesha Parade Attacker is Arrested by Cops as He Tries to Flee [WATCH]

The Ring footage shows Brooks trying to escape from police less than an hour after running over several spectators at Christmas parade on Sunday when he is arrested.

A dramatic new footage captured from a doorbell camera shows the moment Darrell Brooks, the suspect in the deadly Christmas parade vehicular rampage in Waukesha, Wisconsin, was arrested by cops who chased his red SUV. The video shows Brooks initially trying to bluff the police and the homeowner before finally being cornered and arrested.

The Ring footage was obtained by NBC News shows Brooks trying to escape from police less than an hour after running over several spectators at Christmas parade on Sunday. Brooks, 39, went on a rampage with his SUV on Sunday during a Christmas parade at Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing at least five and injuring 48 people.

Nabbed in Time

The dramatic Ring footage shows Brooks trying to take shelter in a nearby home, minutes after he allegedly mowed down revelers at the Sunday parade. The amateur rapper initially convinced the homeowner and got inside the house. However, after staying for a while there he comes out. However, he soon came back when but this time cops arrive just in time and arrest him.

The video opens with the rapper in a T-shirt shivering outside the house and then trying to make up stories and convince the homeowner. The house is reportedly located about a half-mile from the parade route.

The video shows the second time Brooks was there. He had managed to convince the homeowner and had entered the home on the first occasion. He knocked on the door just after 5 pm on Sunday, about 20 minutes after he allegedly plowed into the crowd.

Moment Darrell Brooks is Arrested
Moment Darrell Brooks is Arrested Twitter

When the homeowner asks him why he was back again, Brooks said that he had left his ID behind, after a neighbor called the cops. However, by this time another neighbor after growing suspicious of Brooks had called the cops, NBC News said.

Soon cops arrive and rush toward him. The video shows them ordering Brooks to put his hands up, as they point their guns at him. Brooks then without any incident puts his hands up. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa," he says as he appears to comply.

The video also shows Brooks initially lying to the homeowner by telling that he was homeless and was waiting for an Uber. The homeowner even allowed him inside. "I called an Uber and I'm supposed to be waiting for it over here, but I don't know when it's coming," he is heard telling resident Daniel Rider, according to NBC News.

darell Brooks

He then tried to confuse Rider and asked him to call an Uber on his behalf. "Can you call it for me please? I'm homeless," he adds.

He continues to shiver and make up stories and just gets ready to leave when a few police cars can be heard approaching and is finally arrested.

Dramatic Moment

The dramatic video footage has since made its way to social media and is being widely viewed. Rider, later told NBC News that Brooks looked confused and tried to make up different stories, as he continued to keep an eye on the street because he knew that the cops were chasing him.

Rider said that Brooks during the brief shelter at his home also said that he had been on a hunting trip and was watching a football game at the time of the incident, so he was unaware about what had just happened nearby.

Darrell Brooks outside the door as cops approach
Darrell Brooks outside the door as cops approach Twitter

Riders told NBC News that he invited Brooks inside, gave him a jacket, made him a sandwich and let him use his phone.

"All of a sudden, I look outside my street and I see a few cop cars drive by and I'm getting extra nervous," he said, adding that he then asked his guest to leave.

Brooks was arrested just at that moment when he was about to leave. A delay by a few seconds would have cost police a lot.