Dark Season 3 Trailer: Twitterati Go Crazy Due To Content Complexity, Share Memes to Make 'Dark Netflix' Trend

Dark Season 3 Trailer Released, Watch Video

The trailer of the popular German web series Dark Season 4 released on Netflix and YouTube has already gone viral on the internet, and it has garnered more than 200,000 views on YouTube. Twitter users have gone into a frenzy as they seem to be confused due to the complexity of the content of the series.

Millions of fans have shared memes on Twitter making "Dark Netflix" trend on the microblogging site. Some say Dark season 3 will have more mind-bending time travel twists, while others say the series is satisfyingly tangled. The final season of the original German web series will be released on June 27 on Netflix.

Dark Season 3 Trailer
Dark Season 3 Trailer Out, Watch

The first two installments were a huge success and the response to the season 3 trailer shows this too will be a big hit.

Fans took to Twitter sharing several memes after the release of Dark Season 3 trailer. Here are some memes that have gone viral:

Dark Season 3 Spoiler Alert

The first and second installments of "Dark" introduced Jonas from three different worlds. The mysterious character Adam seems to be somewhat responsible for all the chaos in human lives. It seems Adam is mainly responsible for the apocalypse in all the three worlds. Adam appears to have a hand in the killing of Noah, the priest. Noah kills a man "for the greater good" soon after turning into Adam's disciple.