Dania D Designs crafts all things extraordinary and aesthetic

Dania D

A well-organised home radiates positivity and a sense of intimacy to its residents and guests. Today, everyone desires to hire an interior designer to design their home and bring their vision to life. In-home and office design, the aesthetic element comes with a modular kitchen, unique furniture, attractive fixtures, and designs that one has never seen before. Dania Douaidari is a talented young woman from Syria who curates magnificent designs for your home and workspaces.

Dania Douaidari launched her label Dania D Designs in 2017 after completing her Diploma in Interior Designing from the American University of Beirut. While pursuing her course, she discovered her skill for designing radiant furniture models which led to the creation of Dania D Designs. Dania set up her interior designing solutions label in Damascus, Syria.

Dania D Designs is an interior designing solutions label that designs elegant furniture and caters to its customers in UAE and other Middle Eastern countries. This famous label curates contemporary designs with a touch of their culture. Furthermore, it offers customised solutions and designs for homes in different categories, such as furniture, accessories, handcrafted items for gifting purposes, and a lot more.

Dania D Designs has curated innovative furniture designs including, the Terra collection, Calligraphy furniture, and a plethora of more inventive ideas. "Dania D Designs is very close to my heart. It is an outlet for me to express and showcase my creativity. Given the circumstances in Syria, D Designs is a way for me and our craftspeople to sustain our lives and family. It also serves as a creative distraction to deal with mental well-being," shares Dania.

Along with furniture designing, Dania D Designs offers top-grade interior design consultancy services and customised solutions. This opulent brand manufactures its products in Syria and ships to several parts of the world. Dania reveals that a major portion of orders is placed from the MENA region. Several renowned newspapers, premium magazines, and Arab news channels have covered Dania D Designs. In addition, Dania D Designs have showcased its magnificent designs in several exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates.

In a span of 5 years, Syrian designer Dania Douaidari has built a brand out of Dania D Designs and created a vast clientele. In addition, Dania D Designs has over 71.9K followers on Instagram. Trolley bars, Lamps, Room Partitions, Coffee tables, Centre tables, Trays, Pouffes, and more exquisite designs, furniture and artefacts can be explored at Dania D Designs.