Dangerous moments in WWE: 3 WWE Superstars who were attacked by fans

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Witnessing a live WWE event is an exhilarating experience for fans, there is the proper thrill and adrenalin rush when the wrestlers go full throttle in front. However, then there are also instances when few fans get carried away and they cannot control their anger rush up to the ring, and attack the wrestlers to ruin the experience for everyone all around them.

There have also been occasions, when fans have breached all barricades to attack the Superstars in the ring, for a multitude of reasons, which is not justifiable at all.

We take a look at three such instances when the WWE superstars were attacked by fans in the ring:

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero was the perfect man for WWE, he had a demeanour which was charismatic, he was brilliant with the microphone and was a superb in the ring. All these made him one of the most-debated character of his time. His mantra was 'Lie, Cheat and Steal' mantra, and during his six-year stint, he was one of the most beloved stars in the company.

Back in 2002, he was attacked by a fan in RAW and the only reason why he was not too hurt was because things were brought under control rather quickly.

Guerrero was involved in a Ladder Match with Rob Van Dam, when he was blindsided by a fan and was pushed him aside which led to a very dangerous fall. Guerrero was swift in his reflexes and gave the intruder a punch and was then taken down by security.

Dean Ambrose

Well, he is no longer part of the WWE universe any longer, but Dean Ambrose was a rather controversial figure during his time. He grabbed the company's Triple Crown and Grand Slams, and then finally walked out earlier this year.

However, back in 2015, he was attacked by a fan who jumped the barricade and charged at him with the sole purpose of attacking the superstar. As per another fan, the intruder had intent to stab the Shield member, but security was sharp enough to thwart the threat.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton had a glittering 17-year old career and was one of the most decorated superstar during his time. A two-time Royal Rumble winner and 13-time World Champion, the Viper has always been a crowd puller.

However, back in 2013, events took a dangerous turn in Cape Town when Orton was all ready for a normal feud. During one of his routine poses, there was a fan who sprinted into the ring and gave a low blow to the Viper.

The attacker was later identified to be a local wrestler who was trying to grab few cheap moments of fame.

This article was first published on May 23, 2019