Dangerous Mid-Air Act: Flight Passenger Cooks Steak Inside Airplane Lavatory [VIDEO]

The video was deleted by the TikTok user but he said that the whole thing was made up and was nothing but a prank

After the Coronavirus hit the world and forced people to stay at the home, office, and schools to be shut down, and also caused the temporary suspension of train and flight services. But when airlines resume services they make sure that the passengers on board are safe from the virus. But are these flights so clean that someone can cook food in the lavatory?

A comedian took a video of himself, cooking a raw steak balanced on the top of an airplane lavatory and then posted on TikTok. The video starts inside the lavatory and a text appears on the screen saying, "They don't have hot meals anymore on airplanes so...I come up with a solution.

Fllight Lavatory Wikimedia commons

The TikTok user, Marcus Monroe attempts to cook the piece of steak as an answer to the apparent issue caused by many airlines discontinuing hot meal services due to the Coronavirus crisis. The viral video has now deleted from TikTok.

Monroe has publicly said the whole thing was made up and was nothing but a prank. According to many, the video is not only gross but also what looks like a serious violation of FAA fire safety regulations that could cause serious issues for Monroe. The footage appears to have been recorded on a Delta flight.

But this is not the only prank or stunt that Monroe performed inside a flight. Recently another video was released in which he apparently cut the hair of a woman without her permission or knowledge because the hair was coming over the seat back and blocking his screen.

TikTok Trend

Since the popularity of TikTok started to grow, many users like Monroe began attempting bizarre and weird stunts just for the sake of maximum views. Recently, many have noticed a number of users doing "veneers checks," or showing off their filed down natural teeth before they are fitted for veneers--an expensive cosmetic procedure can improve the aesthetics of a smile and protect the tooth's surface from damage.

However, dentists on TikTok are now warning that this new trend on TikTok is misleading, as filing down the natural teeth pre-veneers is actually a completely unnecessary and potentially harmful step.

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