Dangerous Creature: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Breaks the Internet in Hot-Pink Shirt While Presiding Over Senate

Sen. Mitt Romney was among the first ones to complement her who could be head saying on hot mic: "You're breaking the Internet!"

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was the center of attraction on Tuesday as she rocked not only the Senate but also broke the internet with her hot-pink shirt that had the words written "Dangerous Creature." So much so that even Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) couldn't check himself from complementing Sinema in front of everyone in the house.

In no time she and her shirt became a topic of discussion on social media, with Twitter users going all out to complement her for her attire. It's not the first time Sinema has shook up Twitter with a fashion choice. Since joining the Senate in 2019, she has rocked social media with colorful wigs and a purple dress at the 2020 State of the Union address.

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Kyrsten Sinema
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The Democrat is known for her flashy fashion and regularly turns heads on Capitol Hill with bold outfits that clash with the frumpy grayscale of her colleagues. That has somewhat made her a fashion icon among her colleagues. On Tuesday, she immediately caught the eyes of reporters as well as other House representatives as she presided over the Senate while wearing a hot-pink shirt.

The words "Dangerous Creature" that flashed on her shirt also didn't miss anyone's eyes. Romney was among the first ones to complement her. "You're breaking the Internet!" Romney could be heard telling Sinema on mic. Sinema, however, tried to stay focused and gave a simple reply: "Good!" as she presided over the confirmation vote for Linda Thomas-Greenfield to be US ambassador to the United Nations.

It is still not know if Sinema wore the shirt for any particular reason and if there is any hidden meaning behind the words: "Dangerous Creature." Sinema, 44, is a centrist Democrat. She's a graduate of Brigham Young University and also the first openly bisexual senator.

Social Media Users Go Crazy

Sinema came under the spotlight in recent times. She and fellow Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia became important swing votes due to control of the Senate being evenly divided, with 50-50 ties broken by Vice President Kamala Harris.

On Tuesday, she again hogged the limelight, this time also on social media. Twitter users took notice of her attire after Sahil Kapur, NBC's national news reporter tweeted out a photo of Sinema wearing the shirt in the Senate presiding officer's chair. Fellow Arizonan Meghan McCain, the co-host of ABC-TV's The View and the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, was among the Twitter users who appreciated her dress sense. "Queen @kyrstensinema!" McCain wrote, adding three crown emojis.

However, not everyone was impressed with the shirt, with some making rude comments. "This just in folks, wearing a LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT with the words, "Dangerous Creature," makes you a hooker, not an elected official....," wrote one user.

"Somehow, Republicans are more triggered by a shirt that says, "Dangerous Creature" than they are by a shirt that says, "Camp Auschwitz," another user tweeted.

Interestingly, the Iggy & Burt 'Dangerous Creature' shirt retailed for $136 on one web retailer went out of stock on Tuesday afternoon.