Dan Legg, from failed A levels to million pound success!

 Dan Legg

Over the past decade Forex Trading has gained a substantial amount of highlights especially for millennials and Gen-Z. According to the recent terrinial report Forex Trading bags, a whopping average of $5.1 trillion in daily trading volume and is one of the most desired platforms for earning.

Dan Legg, the founder of TeamFX, a forex trading company is known to have achieved a great deal of success as a Forex trader within three years of its launch. Legg at 21, is known for having an extravagant lifestyle including the fleet of luxurious clothes, private jets, and fast cars. The story of Legg isn't the one that goes from rags to riches, but it sure is something that inspires the younger generation. He has been featured over The Sun, Daily Mail, Metro, MSN, and Somerset Live along with a guest appearance in the show Channel 5 "Rich Kids Go Homeless".

Legg was born in Spain, his family shifted to the United Kingdom when he was about 10 years old. This massive change in a lifestyle, English being a second language, Legg as a kid had to adjust accordingly. He faced an uncertain future when he dropped out of college and failed his A levels, and rightfully so, as this was after his sister died, which affected Legg deeply. Eventually learning to live with this harsh fact and overcoming the most difficult time in his life, Legg started looking out for career options in order to make a living, he was even selected to join the Navy but dropped all the options when he got fascinated with FX trading at the age of 18 and followed his heart to learn more about it.

He started investing in the trading industry and witnessed a couple of losses which affected his financial status as at that time he lived a bare minimum lifestyle by working in a Thai restaurant. Even after facing initial failure, Legg was determined to follow FX trading which ultimately turned out to be a spot-on choice. He began his career as a Forex trader with a 500 euro investment and is now worth $2 million.

To become the man he is today, Legg failed initially and lost the money. He started learning principles of Forex trading and did extensive research and gained his knowledge of Forex trading through YouTube videos.

Eventually, he got major success in his trades and made a good fortune in a small period. He gained wide media coverage for his successful trading strategies and was invited for several interviews. He became a television celebrity and was a part of TV show 5 Rich Kids Go Homeless.

Legg started teaching courses and training programs. What started out as a mere trading experience for Legg soon turned out to become one of his specialties thus TeamFX was found, a leading educational forex company that offers courses to the people who are as trade savvy as Legg.

The rise of Legg on the frontier of Forex Trading is something that changed his life for good. He now even pays his parents to have a relaxed retirement and not work at the cafe! Legg is often seen flaunting his riches on social media accounts and is the owner of two houses and multiple Airbnb and pay to rent homes.