Dakota Skye: Pornhub Star Found Dead Weeks After Controversy Over Topless Photo at George Floyd Mural

Adult film actor Dakota Skye was found dead at a motorhome in Los Angeles under suspicious circumstances weeks after being trolled for posing topless at George Floyd's mural for a racy snap on social media. The American pornographic film actor's husband identified her at the spot, according to reports. Skye was 27.

While the cause of her death is yet to revealed, Skye's aunt Linda Arden confirmed that her niece was an alcoholic and had fought addiction with fentanyl. Arden also disclosed Dakota Skye's real-life story and how she became a porn star in the adult film industry. She said it has truly been a tragedy. Skye's mother had died two years ago after battling addiction and alcoholism.

"Lauren was a product of a highly dysfunctional family involving drugs, alcohol, physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse," said Arden.

Porn star Dakota Skye
Pornhub star Dakota Skye dies at 27 Instagram

Dakota Skye Topless Photo Controversy

Dakota Skye, whose real name was Lauren Scott, was recently trolled for posing nude in front of George Floyd's mural for a risque Instagram update. The adult film actress posted the racy photo leaving fans stunned on her Instagram account.

Many slammed Dakota Skye for her naked stunt claiming that her flashing at the mural was disrespectful to late George Floyd. Sharing the topless photo, Skye wrote, "Happy #GeorgeFloyd day in #santabarbara

Dakota Skye

Another user said, "wtf what does flashing have to do with George Floyd's death." Meanwhile, it is unclear who had been with Lauren in the hours before her suspicious death.

Skye's aunt said Lauren was the sweetest girl. The adult star lived with her aunt when she was a baby. Lauren loved her family and she supported her mother and brothers with the money she earned.

"She was an addict and an alcoholic. But really all she was doing was searching for love, someone to care about her. I was so scared about her. She was in so much pain. I thought she was going to make it. She had been clean for weeks," Skye's aunt Linda Arden said.

Dakota Skye Bikini Photo

Dakota Skye

Dakota Skye's award-winning friend working in the adult and mainstream entertainment industries, James Bartholet said, "Dakota was an expensive buddy and a part of our business household, and we're saddened by her loss," further adding Skye had a lot of extra to present to the world and to the business, according to reports.