Daisy's picture removed from Momoland's homepage; Agency gives vague response

MLD Entertainment announced its new six-member lineup but has omitted Daisy's picture on Momoland homepage website

MOMOLAND's Daisy and iKON's Yunhyeong's agencies have responded to dating reportsInstagram/momoland_official
MOMOLAND's Daisy Instagram/momoland_official

Momoland updated its homepage with a new photo of the girl group, but Daisy's picture was missing from the group picture. The current picture on Momoland homepage shows six girls including former member Yeonwoo. Reacting to the same, MLD Entertainment said that Daisy was still under MLD Entertainment and that the homepage was changed in the website to show the current six-member lineup of Momoland.

There is no specific answer about Daisy's removal from the current lineup. Meanwhile, Yeonwoo is listed under her own individual tab. MLD Entertainment had made an announcement in December that there will be a six-member lineup for the projects in 2020.

It can be noted that Daisy is in a tiff with MLD Entertainment for quite some time now. She created controversy in January, when she accused her agency of rigging the program 'Finding Momoland.'

She had said it in the news slot of KBS that Mnet's program 'Finding Momoland' that aired in 2016 was fixed. The program was to select the girl group Momoland for their debut. The 10 trainees were given survival missions and after on the spot judging, online votes and live audience votes the girl group was selected. Daisy was eliminated from the program.

However, Daisy claimed that she was asked to join the group for their second album, and accordingly she became a part of Momoland later for "Wonderful Love" album.

Daisy had also accused MLD Entertainment of not letting her attend promotional events and when she asked them to terminate her contract, she was asked to pay 1.1 billion Won ($942,866.65 USD) penalty for breaching the contract.

She said that even after repeated pleas to allow her in the promotion of album she was asked to take rest by the agency. She and her mother had accused MLD Entertainment for asking her to pay a part of production cost of 'Finding Momoland' episodes.

Reacting to the accusations, MLD refuted the claim that Finding Momoland was rigged. Regarding Daisy's delayed entry into Momoland, the Agency had said: "It is true that we asked Daisy to join the group after their debut album, but it was ultimately possible because Daisy agreed. It was only a decision to strengthen a group for its lacking points."

Speaking about sharing the production cost, MLD Entertainment said that it was included in the contract paper that was signed by artistes as well as their guardians were informed earlier about the same.

"We have already explained this matter to the Momoland members that they would have a role in paying for the show's production costs, and they signed the contract with this clause included, so there are no issues," the statement had claimed.