Dai Xiangyu ties knot with Chen Zi Han

The couple will likely hold a wedding banquet in Beijing by the end of this year.

Dai Xiangyu
Chinese actor, Dai Xiangyu registers marriage with co-actress Chen Zi Han Dai Xiangyu/Facebook

Chinese actor Dai Xiangyu is no more a bachelor. The Mediacorp actor has tied the knot with Chinese actress Chen Zi Han.

As per the reports, the Little Nyonya star went down on his knees and popped the question to the 38-year-old actress in front of her family. During a telephonic interview with The Singaporean Press, Xiangyu said: "I was quite confident that she would say yes, because I had everyone in for the surprise. Her family members flew over and wore 'Marry Dai' shirts. I also prepared a video, which had her friends in it to ask her to marry me. She was moved to tears."

The actor also revealed that he has been preparing for this day since a month and the date 'May 19th' holds a real significance in his life.

Xiangyu and Zi Han, who worked together in dramas like Singles Villa, The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings and Demon Girl, were introduced to each other by their manager Alex. Giving some insights into their relationship, Alex told Toggle: "Their feelings are more stable so they felt it was the right time (to get married)".

He added: "She is six years older than him, but Xiang Yu is more mature and Zi Han sometimes acts like a little girl, so even though there is an age gap, their personalities are not that different."

Meanwhile, Alex also clarified that the couple did not rush into marriage due to any specific circumstance. He also stated that the duo is very excited and is likely to hold a wedding banquet in Beijing by the end of this year.

This article was first published on May 20, 2016