A cyclist started a shocking foul mouth attack at a pregnant woman during a confrontation regarding the Highway Code in England. The cyclist got accused of violating the code by riding two abreast in the center of a road in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire.

The verbal fight got filmed by a passenger in the car and it has gone viral on social media, as reported by the Daily Mail. In the clip, the cyclist can be seen leaning toward the car and calling the pregnant woman a 'f***ing stupid c***'.

He went on claiming that he was not doing anything wrong, shouting at the woman inside the car. He can be heard saying, "What? A bike is allowed on the f***ing road." In response to which, the woman replied, " If you actually look in the Highway Code you can see that you're not allowed two abreast."

Cyclist Abuses Pregnant Woman

Cyclist (Representational Image) Pixabay

But the man continued arguing before swearing at the woman and going away. According to Section 66 of the Highway Code, cyclists should not ride more than two abreast. The code also mentions that cyclists can ride in the center of a lane for avoiding unsafe passes.

It is understood that the confrontation started after the driver pressed the horn at the cyclist hold not allowing the cars to move. The cyclist then followed the car into Cleethorpes Country Park.

The attitude of the cyclist and the way he talked has created fury on social media as netizens condemned the incident. The video has become a rage on social media as the majority thought that the rider should not have spoken like that with the woman. Many of the social media users even compared the incident with that of cyclist Ronnie Pickering, who became famous after he infamously shouted, "do you know who I am?" at a moped rider.