Cybersecurity: Data shows Iranian servers, websites come under cyber attack

Cybersecurity Pixabay

A few Iranian servers and sites, including a couple of petrochemical firm's websites, faced cyber attack issues. This news was revealed by reports on social media platforms by the international internet observatory, NetBlocks.

However, as per the Reuters, the websites of the main state oil company NIOC is functioning normally. But there was no immediate official comment on this cybersecurity incident.

Even though residents stated that their internet access was not affected, NetBlocks, a non-governmental organization that monitors cybersecurity and the governance of the internet, mentioned that its data has shown "intermittent disruptions" to some servers in Iran that started on Friday evening, September 20.

NetBlocks also revealed that the impact was limited and it affected only a few specific servers. The group also mentioned that the cause of this interruption was unclear.

In a recent Tweet, NetBlocks highlighted the disruption areas and wrote that "Network data show intermittent disruptions to internet connectivity in #Iran from 6:30 PM UTC amid reports of disruptions and outages affecting online industrial and government platforms; limited impact affecting specific providers; root cause not yet established."

As per a statement was given by NetBlocks Director Alp Toker, the group noticed that four Iranian networks falling offline over a three hour period on Friday and the disruption started when the first reports emerged and ended shortly. However, it should be noted that those affected networks have been stable since.

Toker also mentioned that the affected networks were all small and among all of those targets only one is a customer service provider.