"Cyberpunk gives life to my dystopian visions," says Italy's Top Visual Artist Dangiuz


If it's possible to create the perfect artistic rendering of the sci-fi genre known as cyberpunk, Dangiuz, a.k.a Leopoldo D'Angelo is undoubtedly up to the challenge. Those familiar with his work might argue that the artist has already created definitive portraits of the dystopian futuristic environment characteristic of the cyberpunk subculture.

When asked about what fuels his art, Dangiuz says that he was heavily influenced by movies like Ghost in the Shell and Altered Carbon. Dangiuz likens himself to a messenger from the future sent back in time - to our time - to let us know how things will be 50 years from now. And while the Italian artist still lives in his home country, he likes to imagine that he actually lives in the sci-fi universe portrayed in the Blade Runner movie franchise.

"Cyberpunk gives life to my dystopian visions," says Dangiuz, who notes that his love for art manifested itself quite early in his life. "I have always been a creative kid, and I loved drawing from an early age. I started doing graphics in 2009, and when I discovered 3D arts a few years later, I realized what a powerful tool it could be, so I wanted to learn it in order to give birth to my art."

Born in 1995, Dangiuz is a visual artist, art designer, and graphic designer. His work has been featured on, among others, Motion Designers, Behance, and MAXON. Dangiuz, who has fans in his native Italy and throughout the world, started out as a graphic designer after he earned his diploma. He then collaborated with various visual studies in his hometown in Turin for four years before discovering 3D art. That's where his journey as a world-renowned 3D artist began. But the journey is far from over.

"I'm also a big fan of cinema," he says. "So I like the idea of being able to work in the cinema industry thanks to these tools, as an artist or as a director, to give birth to my visions."