Cyber attack: Hackers publish sensitive data on US federal agents and public service officers

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Recent reports claimed that a group of hackers has successfully violated the security of several FBI-affiliated portals and uploaded sensitive details related to the federal agents and law enforcement officials.

It should be noted that the cybercriminals hacked three websites associated with the FBI National Academy Association (FBINAA), which is located at the FBI training academy in Quantico, Virginia. The hackers claimed that they have more than a million data on employees of the federal agencies and public service organisations in US.

The data includes member names, personal and government email addresses, job titles, personal information such as phone numbers and postal addresses.

As per the report published by TechCrunch, the attackers "exploited flaws on at least three of the organization's chapter websites — which we're not naming — and downloaded the contents of each web server" and after stealing the data they put it up for download on their unnamed own website.

The FBINAA, who is responsible for providing training at the local, national and international levels, issues a statement on Saturday, April 13 and stated that the respective officials have identified the "three affected Chapters that have been hacked and they are currently working on checking the breach with their data security authorities. We have checked with the national database server/data provider and they have assured us that the FBINAA national database is safe and secure."

One of the hackers, who spoke to TechCrunch said that the hackers group targeted over 1000 sites and now they are "structuring all the data, and soon they will be sold."

"I think something else will publish from the list of hacked government sites," the unnamed hacker stated.

The FBINAA stated in the news release that "in each of these instances a third-party software was being used by the affected Chapters, however, it is still too early to determine if this impacted the breach."

The association also mentioned that they take every "action to secure the safety and security of our members and their personal information. If it is determined that there has been felonious activity, we will prosecute the culprits to the fullest extent of the law."