The cutting edge Vegan Tuna spread posied to become an industry leader


Having a tuna spread that includes zero meat is simply unheard of. Enter Jinka - a new disruptor of the market with their completely vegan tuna spread that includes not only a great source of protein (14 grams per serving), but also a dose of Omega-3 which is commonly found only in meat products.

Jinka is on a mission to provide a holistic, plant-based alternative for tuna, and they are doing it successfully by providing a healthy, sustainable, and delicious option for even the most adamant carnivores. By incorporating an abundance of vital nutrients & health benefits such as zero cholesterol, zero trans fat, a boost in fiber, iron, Omega-6, and more that are uncommon to find in the vegan world, Jinka is revolutionizing the space with an affordable, eat-at-home product.

If you are worried about the taste, Jinka has the answer to that as well. With a tremendous amount of time and patience, Jinka has crafted a mix that effectively mimics the taste of seafood. In fact, a common reaction to people's first bite is their disbelief that there isn't a single trace of meat involved. Not to mention the thick and creamy texture that beautifully compliments the delicious taste of the product melting in your mouth. Additionally, Jinka supplements their tuna spread with crackers to dip, providing a convenient on-the-go snack for a rambunctious child before soccer practice or a working individual in need of a healthy snack.

Despite its practical use, Jinka is no stranger to versatility. In fact, numerous recipes can be found on their website to spice up your lunch or dinner by incorporating their vegan tuna spread in tacos, burgers, salads, sandwiches and more. To highlight a few, Jinka showcases how to make a Vegan Burger with smoked gouda, caramelized apple, and onion jam, as well as your popular "Tuesday Tacos" with a vegan tuna twist. This makes it an easy meal for an entire family to enjoy. In addition, they have multiple flavors for you to try such as their Original, Lemon & Dill, and Spicy that includes paprika, cayenne, and cumin.

With all of this said, Jinka goes the extra mile with their fun and unique packaging. In every package you will find their one-of-a-kind mascot that's a compilation of multiple animals all in one! Jinka includes educational fun facts in every purchase, so you'll learn something new every time you open up a package of their tuna.

Jinka may be newer than others to the space, but their delicious plant-based tuna spread has definitely caught the attention of many, and it has done so extremely quickly. For all those craving the taste of seafood without the meat involved, this is your solution. If you would like to try the product yourself, check out their website to see where you can purchase their product.