Current Pandemic could Cause Rise in Demonic Possession, Says Exorcist

The concept of ghosts invading a human body is mentioned in almost all religious textbooks, but medical science dismisses these claims

Ghost caught on camera
Ghost caught on camera Pixabay

The novel coronavirus that originated from a Chinese seafood market is now creating chaos in all nooks of the world, and as per the latest statistics, this deadly pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 313,266 people globally. As panic looms large, an exorcist has claimed that coronavirus pandemic could cause a drastic rise in demonic possession among people.

Demonic Possession will Rise

Buddhist priest Paul Devlin, who is also practicing exorcist claimed that demons could make use of the current fear and uncertainty, and as a result, many people will become possessed by ghosts and evil spirits. He argued that people living in isolation will have a mind filled with negative emotions, and it will help devils to attack them easily. Devlin made these shocking remarks while speaking to Daily Star Online.

"It is a very difficult time for everybody, the coronavirus has created a lot of fear and a lot of negativity. There is not a lot of positive stuff around at the moment – that's the kind of thing that dark forces use to their advantage," Devlin told Daily Star.

The Vitality of Human Emotions

Devlin made it clear that human emotions and mental strength play a crucial role in determining a person's ability to stay away from negative forces. However, during the time of coronavirus pandemic, many people will feel frustrated, and demons will use this golden opportunity to attack them.

"Although there have been a lot of acts of kindness and messages of support throughout this pandemic there has also been a lot of frustration and anger and these can be breeding grounds for demons and negative energies. This can lead to demonic energy that builds and feeds on the human emotions which over time can incubate into a demonic consciousness once that happens things can get worse very quickly," added Devlin.

Demonic Possession: Scientific Explanation

The concept of invading spirit is widely mentioned in almost all religious textbooks. However, modern medical science dismisses this theory. As per medical experts, the so-called demonic possession is actually the result of mental health problems.

"Possession-form identities in dissociative identity disorder typically manifest as behaviors that appear as if a 'spirit,' supernatural being, or outside person has taken control such that the individual begins speaking or acting in a distinctly different manner," says American Psychiatric Association.