Cubicle to CEO and Ellen Yin on a Mission to Empower Female Entrepreneurs

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Ellen Yin

Entrepreneurship isn't always what the media and most people make it out to be. Some expect it to be easy and instantly rewarding, enabling anyone to work four hours a week and spend the rest of their time on the beach. But that's not what most people experience. Many new business owners battle with cash flow issues, working countless hours and dealing with the frequent ups and downs of growing a business. One entrepreneur and business coach, Ellen Yin of Cubicle to CEO, believes that while building a business isn't always easy, it should be simple. Her work focuses on breaking down complicated marketing strategies into simple methods and systems that empower entrepreneurs to break free of content overwhelm and shiny object syndrome.

Ellen's signature program, Cubicle to CEO, is a 12 month mentorship program that helps service providers, coaches, and consultants land consistent dream clients and make their first $10,000 revenue month. Her mission is to help at least 500 women reach this income milestone so they can build thriving businesses that serve more people with their unique gifts and talents.

Just like most people in business, Ellen started in the corporate world. She was often the youngest person in the room, and many times, her ideas weren't taken as seriously or the company would prioritize seniority or tradition over getting results. The go-getter didn't like how bureaucracy in the corporate world slowed progress and stifled innovation. "It's ironic because most people stay in unfulfilling jobs because of the supposed 'security they offer," she shares. "But I found much more stability and security in owning my own business because I have complete control over my decisions and the freedom to pivot quickly, rather than be held back by management or outdated systems. Becoming an entrepreneur was my escape from 'it's always been done this way to having the ability to challenge and explore, 'how can this be done better?'"

After only 10 months in the corporate world, Ellen Yin decided to venture out on her own in 2017, without a backup plan. She found early success and never looked back. Within twelve months of starting her marketing business, she had made her first six figures in revenue and has continued to double her company's annual revenue every year since then.

Today, Ellen Yin has created Cubicle to CEO as a platform and community to elevate other female entrepreneurs and offer her experiences to help others shortcut her mistakes on their path to success. Today, her online courses and programs have helped over 9,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses, with many students enrolling from around the globe, including Canada, the UK, Australia, and other parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. She loves celebrating the success of her students on her website's "10K Hall of Fame," a special page featuring the stories and businesses of women she has mentored who have reached the $10K month milestone on their entrepreneurship journey. A priority goal for Ellen is to see the 10K Hall of Fame grow to 500 women over the next few years.

Ellen Yin helps entrepreneurs scale their business through a refreshing approach she calls marketing minimalism. "I believe that it's not about doing more things efficiently, but about fewer RIGHT things, well," says Ellen. She also advocates for financial transparency, believing that honest and open conversations about money and accessibility to more information is key to helping women shatter glass ceilings. Ellen supports this mission through releasing quarterly income reports on her podcast, Cubicle to CEO. Her thoughts on financial transparency have even been featured in publications like Forbes and Real Simple Magazine.

Ellen hopes that Cubicle to CEO will continue to empower and impact people's lives, especially women and women of color.

This article was first published on August 16, 2021