Cuban teen will go under knife to remove his 10-pound face tumour

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Pimple problem is common in teenagers. So, when 14-year-old Emmanuel Zayas saw a pimple on his face, he did not pay attention and thought it will go away soon. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and the pimple started to grow bigger and became the size of a basketball within months.

Because of the heavy tumour, Zayas's life became extremely complicated. According to Miami Herald, because of the 10-pound mass, the teen could not breathe or eat properly. The size has become so big that it is suffocating the boy.

Zayas and his parents, in hope to receive a positive treatment, flew down to US from Cuba and contacted Jackson Memorial Hospital, located in Miami, Florida. The Cuban teen will undergo a 10-hour long surgery in January 2018.

Dr Robert Marx, one of the surgeons, who will be operating Zayas's tumour told WPLG, "The length of surgery timewise has little to do with how people recover. It has to do with the blood loss. We are being very careful to preserve any blood flow (and) tie off blood vessels that will get him to recover sooner."

Even though this case is very rare, Marx is an experienced doctor and had operated a 16-pound tumour from a Haitian woman's face.

The unusual condition, which caused the tumour on Zayas's face is known as polycystic fibrous dysplasia. It is a medical situation which is a form of fibrous dysplasia (a disorder where normal bone and marrow is replaced with fibrous tissue, resulting in the formation of bone that is weak and susceptible to expansion) affecting more than one bone.

People who become a victim of this condition can face several complications like bone deformity, vision and hearing loss, arthritis, and cancer.

However, only one operation will not be enough for Zayas and he needs to undergo other procedures to fix his facial features.

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