Crypto trader Besart Hoxha on how cryptocurrency offers a higher degree of freedom and autonomy to user

Besart Hoxha

Cryptocurrency has exploded onto the international scene in recent years, booming into a $200 billion industry. The virtual currency creates quick ways to conduct transactions securely. Anonymity is a significant part of the attraction that cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and others offer. It is a free-flowing financial system that runs without government interference. This is how it creates user autonomy, as explained by Crypto Trader Besart Hoxha.

When Bitcoin first came to the market in 2009, hardly anyone understood it. However, there was great interest in the freedom it offered. People struggled hard to understand what 'blockchain' was. Hoxha was a fresh-faced 18-year-old in 2011 when he came across Bitcoin. He reads all he could find, went through all he could find online, and struggled like anyone else with this newly created technology, before finally learning about Bitcoin's challenger in the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum. In 2015, he invested a lot of money to buy Ethereum during a pre-sale of the cryptocurrency. Despite the considerable risk involved, Hoxha took it without hesitation. "With cryptocurrency, you have to be thorough. That makes it a positive as well as a negative aspect of this virtual currency. It allows you total freedom to choose whatever you wish to do," said Hoxha. He added, "You have to do a lot of research before you can even think about investing. Patience is key here because it is easy to panic where the money is involved. You need to be able to think for yourself and gather data so that you can understand cryptocurrency."

It was a chance that got the 27-year-old Hoxha involved in cryptocurrency. He saw an opportunity and decided to take a chance with it. And that effort has paid off handsomely. He liked how cryptocurrency worked and was easily enthralled by the financial system of freedom that was offered. His purchase of Ethereum in 2015 paid off two years later in 2017, making him a profit in millions.

As Hoxha puts it, cryptocurrency may be a good bet to make, but it is still a type of currency. Risks or not, knowledge of cryptocurrency is essential to make your fortunes.