Crypto Influencer Ben Phillips Wishes Death to SafeMoon Whale: 'I Hope you Get Hit by a Bus'

Ben Phillips, who commands a staggering 4.62 million subscribers on YouTube and is well known for his prank videos that gets close to half a million views, has been promoting SafeMoon cryptocurrency off lately along with tweeting about other alt coins.

Just recently, a mysterious and unidentified 'whale' dumped 2.4 trillion coins that led SafeMoon to nosedive 28% in the day's trade and caused a domino effect of panic selling among day-to-day investors in the fear of further losses.

Ben Phillips SafeMoon Youtube Cryptocurrency Influencer
Twitter / Ben Phillips

As and when the price of SafeMoon drastically slipped, Ben Phillips took to Twitter not only lashing out against the whale, but also wished the whale to ''get hit by a bus.''

Using the 'f-word', Ben tweeted in all caps, ''F***ING IRRESPONSIBLE WHALE... I HOPE YOU GET HIT BY A BUS.''

The tweet, which was rude, brash and unwarranted for, put off a lot of investors and a user reminded Ben by commenting that the whale, whoever it might be, is fully within his or her rights to sell the holdings as and when they please.

''Ben, come on man. 1. It's their tokens they have the right to do whatever with them and 2. It's actually a ton better for the rest of us do to this now rather than's gives us cheap buying opportunity and doesn't perma kill price,'' a user tweeted.

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency Coin

Several others took to Reddit demanding the developers to remove Ben from the SafeMoon team and called him a ''loose canon'' who would only hurt the coins prospects in the long term with his inflammatory language and doubted the developers decision for choosing a prankster to promote their coin.

Investors urged everyone else to report Ben's tweet as 'hateful' on Twitter and hoped the social media giant to pull the tweet down.

However, SafeMoon developers did not comment on Ben's provocative tweet nor did they respond to investors demanding to cut ties with him for the betterment of the coin as users commented, ''The Whales are going to sell, this is to be expected,'' as the top 25 whales own 17.93% of the entire coins supply.

SafeMoon has witnessed whales dumping in large proportions from June to July 2021 and the sell-offs has badly affected the indices causing it to slump below 10% or more in the days trade. SafeMoon at the time of publishing was trading at $0.000002327 and is down -3.35% in the days trade.