From Crypto Entrepreneur At 23 To A Real-Estate Magnate, How Vinson Keefe Bet On The Market And Won

Vinson Keefe

The world is witnessing newer changes every day. This influx of technology has pervaded our lives to an extent that it has almost become impossible for anyone to keep track of what's new.
Amidst all this, the job becomes especially difficult for entrepreneurs that are always scouting for new technology to place their bets on. The question becomes even more pertinent when millions are at stake.

Vinson Keefe faced this question at an early age in his life. Keefe was born in the prestigious Anggasaputro family that owns one of the leading tape adhesive manufacturing companies in South-East Asia. Refusing to rest on the laurels of his family, Keefe entered the world of cryptocurrency at the young age of 23. In a world marred by COVID-19 pandemic, Keefe taught himself the nuances of this new technology and cashed in on the popularity of virtual digital assets. He made a name for himself in Singapore's crypto community and built an entire ecosystem around it.

As the pandemic subsided, he conceptualized the idea of a 7,000 sq ft New World NFT Gallery in the heart of Singapore that served as a meeting ground for both NFT enthusiasts and buyers. Keefe envisaged the gallery as a place where the burgeoning NFT community could find a safe
refuge and push the envelope in terms of technology and NFT adoption. For him, it was an act of giving back to the community that helped him achieve success and pushed him forward. The project received immense love from the general public and this thrust him into his next venture in the blockchain space.

While setting up the venture, Keefe realized that there was a major gap in the metaverse market. He found that while Web3 had helped unlock a new world of economy, he wanted to create a broader ecosystem within the metaverse framework that allowed users to have fun and earn at the same time.

Most of the blockchain-based startups allow users to earn a certain amount of income based on their ability to mine cryptocurrencies. Putting this into use, Keefe sat down to chart the way for his next venture which he named Voxygon.

Voxygon is a decentralized metaverse project that aims to be pathbreaking in its approach, allowing users to play and learn all while helping people earn. The project is close to completion and aims to showcase the best entrepreneurial talent Singapore has to offer. Keefe says that he envisaged the decentralized metaverse platform to be a catalyst of growth and adoption of the metaverse and other Web3.0 platforms in the country.

He has put in nearly $9 million of his own money into the startup, which shows his commitment to the project. He aims to transition the project from a gaming metaverse to eventually a Metaverse-as-a-Service product.

Vinson Keefe says that he has been burning the midnight oil to build the venture from the ground up. He says, "I want to create a product that touches the lives of many. The idea is to create something magnanimous and with the percolation of new age technologies such as blockchain and Web3, we are witnessing a new dawn of progress that will drive the next stage of tech revolution."

Despite the crypto markets currently in a churn, Keefe feels that one has to be daring to achieve their goals. He however adds that this daring attitude has to be anchored to the idea of serving others and not just one's own self. He asserts, "In the world of business, markets do not revolve around a single person. It is important we have the strength of character to stand for our convictions. This can only come if you think of others and this courage can only be a byproduct of our conviction to others. Repayment, in whatever form, comes naturally."

Meanwhile, Vinson Keefe has set his eyes on scaling up his real-estate and NFT ventures. He wants to make his New World NFT Gallery the most valued product of its kind in the region. He also wants to launch Voxygon as soon as possible and open it up to the masses. Occupied deep in his books, Vinson is all positive for the future and feels that the world is ready to embrace new technologies that have human connection at their very core.