Crypterium's New Price Prediction Feature Will Help You Identify Investment Opportunities Easily


In a recent press release, Crypterium, leading crypto to the fiat card processor, announced it was adding a daily price prediction on its wallet, which would aid users to identify investment opportunities easily. The AI-powered feature boasts a 96% accuracy after several internal tests were conducted. It analyses several key data points to come up with its prediction. It has a sophisticated algorithm that helps it read through 200 TB of crypto market data before making a prediction.

According to Steven Parker, the CEO of Crypterium, the feature will lead a new investment era where users don't have to get burned in the market due to wrong timing when making moves. It should ease the burden of spending many hours conducting technical analysis and reading through charts, which can be hectic.

At the start, users will access price predictions for 150 digital assets for a small fee. This feature is integrated with the Crypterium wallet, and by visiting the market section, you will be able to see the three plans for accessing the predictions. The first is a free plan that covers a few assets, such as OMG, ETH, ZRX, LINK, and MKR. To access all assets on offer, you will have to choose between spending $2.99 daily or $60 a month, where you will get a 30% discount.

More People Are Getting Into the Crypto Market

The feature's addition wouldn't be so timely, especially as the crypto market is experiencing a bull run. The crypto market has grown three-fold, adding over $400 billion to its capitalization since the beginning of the year. Such momentum means more people are getting in the market to have a piece of the pie. A recent report from India shows that the leading crypto exchanges in the nation have seen an upsurge in the number of signups. WazirX has registered a 125% increase over the past six months, and CoinDCX has seen a growth of about 85% in the past quarter. The majority of the retail investors signing up are aged between 25 – 40 years.

It's a similar scenario occurring in other crypto trading platforms. But, those that aren't careful may end up with losses rather than profits. Crypterium's AI feature comes in handy, and since it's based on the wallet, which offers additional functionalities like the ability to purchase crypto using a credit/debit card, the ability to exchange tokens, cash out, and even transfer to others, users will be able to make in-app purchases of the assets they prefer just from the wallet.

By clicking on the market section and selecting a particular asset, you will see three data points such as the prediction rate for the past month, the buy and sell signal and the signal strength quantified as a percentage. Additionally, you can access the history tab to see how effective past predictions were and if it's worth your money.

It remains to be seen how popular the Crypterium's price prediction feature will get, given that there are plenty of bots that flood the market offering similar claims. Most bots are quite fishy and offer users no real value other than scamming them, but this isn't expected from an established start-up-like Crypterium.

Crypterium Plans To Grow By Innovating Constantly

The company has been in operation since 2018 and, within the period, has managed to gain some popularity with over 350,000 users globally who use its crypto to fiat card and crypto wallet. Both products are accessible in over 180 countries and using the card; you can instantly pay for goods and services to over 42 million retailers worldwide.

This year has been hectic for the company as it was able to launch 15 new products with a transaction value of over 100 million euros. This is keeping in pace with its goal of making crypto as easy to spend as cash around the globe. Now the start-up plans to add to its list of users through innovative products like the price prediction feature, which should win the platform favour among crypto investors. The plan is to get to 5 million users in the next few years.

The feature can be accessed by downloading the Crypterium wallet app that is freely available online as a desktop app and for mobile devices, both Android and iOS.

Recently, Crypterium celebrated its successful ICO's third anniversary, which ended early after the hard cap was met. To thank its users, the company promised to reward them with over 2 million CRPT tokens, which, if one wishes, can lock in a high yield savings account and get an annual interest of 21%.