Crude and Unfunny! Trevor Noah Slammed For Comparing Grammys 2021 to US Capitol Riots

It seems The Daily Show host Trevor Noah can't stop taking his political jokes everywhere he goes and the comedian landed in hot soup for comparing the Grammys 2021 to US Capitol riots. But the Twitterati found his joke to be unfunny and crude as the comparison made no sense.

He called the two events the ''biggest outdoor'' gathering and said, "tonight is gonna be the biggest outdoor event this year besides the storming of the Capitol."

Trevor Noah Grammys 2021
Twitter / Trevor Noah

Trevor continued with his ill-timed joke stressing on the fact that the awards show is not a Zoom meeting but is held in real time and threw in some more jokes including a family member walking in. ''This isn't a Zoom background (Grammys); this is real. My uncle isn't gonna walk behind me naked even though I told him I have an important meeting."

However, fans were not impressed with Trevor's mean joke and several of them took to Twitter showing their displeasure against the comedian's comments on comparing the Grammys to Capitol Riots. A user stated, "Not funny people died there,'' while another declared, "He is not that damn funny. Sheesh!" and another said, ''Lost me on that one!'' Another user posted a gif with the caption 'Stupid' written in bold.

Just a few days ago, Trevor Noah was beaming with excitement about hosting the Grammys 2021 and was happy to be taking a break from politics and talk about music. ''An awards show is very different from The Daily Show. We're speaking to a broader audience, it's not politics. I'm not there to do politics, I'm there to do music,'' he said to the Billboard, but eventually ended up talking about politics.

Trevor Noah Makes Fun of the British Royal Family

Apart from comparing the Grammys to Capitol riots, Trevor Noah also took a dig at the Royal family saying those sitting at home and watching the show will have ''more tension in that tent than at a family reunion at Buckingham Palace.'' Meghan and Harry's feud with the Buckingham Palace is the talk of the town and several comedians including Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and others made funny monologues about the royal situation and tickled some funny bones.