Cross-chain Accessibility Brings Massive Success to Fantom Blockchain


One of the fastest growing new blockchain platforms is experiencing a boost in demand for cross chain trading, utilising blazing fast transaction speeds and cheap fees behind the jump in demand.

Fantom, a new blockchain platform making waves in the crypto world, sees thousands of users utilising daily for a variety of purposes, including information security and crypto-currency transactions.

Fantom is quickly positioning itself as one of the world's leading platforms, completing hundreds of thousands of transactions daily within one second and at a fraction of the cost of comparable platforms.

It's also fully EVM compatible, giving developers the ability to deploy smart contracts just like on other platforms such as Ethereum.

The platform is based around its key principles of high-performance, scalability, and secure smart-contracts - the very ideas that sparked the founding of the platform in the first place.

The system is fully permissionless, decentralized, and open-source, and aims to provide users with one of the most reliable and innovative blockchain systems available on the market anywhere in the world.

And in recent weeks, Fantom has seen further growth as a result of t's introduction of cross chain accessibility, taking advantage of platforms such as AnySwap.

Fantom formed a relationship with AnySwap back in November last year, opening up the ability to trade FTM, wFTM, fUSD, anyETH, anyUSDT, anyYFI, ANY, and FSN within the platform natively.

That relationship has been boosted even further with Fantom's new agreement which allows the cross-platform trading bridge between Binance Smart Chain, meaning transactions between the two tokens can be completed with ease.

The creation of a BNB bridge, which allows the transition of BEP20 BNB from BSC directly to Fantom via AnySwap, is giving those with an already existing crypto portfolio the opportunity to diversify into Fantom and $FTM.

An agreement of cooperation between SpiritSwap for use on Fantom has also been formulated, with a direct link to accessible directly from it's website.

The establishment of further cross chain accessibility on Fantom is another example of the company proving their intention to stay ahead of the pack, providing investors with the best platform available on the market today.

And that dedication to being the best is proving to be a smart business model, with Fantom officially hitting the ten million transaction milestone in recent days.

The incredible feat comes just days after Fantom hit three million transactions - a sign of the platform's incredible growth in itself.

In the last week, the platform has seen an average of 500,000 transactions every day - a substantial jump on the average of 10-15,000 transactions per day seen at the beginning of April.

Fantom is also a big believer in supporting developers to strive, having given grants to SpiritSwap and SpookySwap in recent weeks as a thank-you for ongoing support. ZooCoin and HyperJump also received grants from the company.