Creo Mark 1 launched: specifications and first Impression

CREO debuts stock Android based OS - FUEL and smartphone Mark 1 at Rs. 19,999 or $300

These days, a lot of mobile brands are launched and countless devices are launched, however, only a few manage to grab the attention of a user or very few sustain over a period of time. Specs upgrade are the most common feature among them. Rarely do you find a device where a lot of things are different than the rest of the pack and everything has been planned to keep the end user in mind, another rarity?

When I had first heard/read about an Indian startup that wants to "change" this normal approach and give better user experience, I first was skeptical. Not because it was a startup trying to break away from routine but because they were talking about keeping user great experience as its core. Not too many have dared to tread the path.

Coming to the launch and device, Creo Mark 1 not just surprised me with the technical specifications but also the features it had. Believe me, none of the features are a huge breakthrough or highly innovative or something that will change the life overnight, however they are very important and pretty basic ones.

A feature called Echo a Voice Mail. A pretty basic feature and many of us have used it in good old times with our landline phones. It was always present in our mobile phones; however, it was network dependent hence unreliable and chargeable. How cool is it to let someone hear a personalized message if you're not able to talk to him/her at any moment, rather than just a lame "Call me later" text message. By the way, these messages also cost.

Retriever is another feature for which one can pay a premium for, any given day. There are so many applications. In the market that gives us a pseudo sense of security in case, our device is lost or is stolen. However, these days even the thieves are smart enough to format the phone before using it, once the device is formatted all the data, user accounts, apps including security apps are lost. Practically there is no way to get back your device (we anyways do not get too much help from police, do we?)

How cool is it to not to just get the location, time, and date once the phone is reactivated, you can also get the phone number of the sim that has just been inserted in your Mark 1.

Inbox app on Mark 1 segregates your SMS's similar to how your email is sorted. It automatically detects spam and sorts SMS's into categories like 'People' where you can see texts from people you know and business messages or spam. How easy and simple? Right.

Other features like Sense - a universal phone search that finds what you're looking for when you double-tap on the home button, Camera Modes such as Live-photo, 3D selfie, Slo-Mo videos and Time Lapse to name a few. or upcoming features like using the screen as a flash are also no technical breakthroughs, however,it's about implementing the features that are obvious and yet very useful.

The Mark 1 with its sleek metal body, protected by Gorilla Glass 3 on both sides and 2.5D curves, comes in Gun Metal Black with a 5.5" screen and a Quad HD display yielding an astonishing 534 PPI. The phone comes with a top-of-the-line 21MP Sony IMX 230 Exmor rear camera and 8MP front camera and is powered by a 1.95 GHz True Octa Core Helio X10 Processor with 3GB RAM and a 3100mAh fast-charging Li-Po battery. With 32GB of storage, expandable up to 128GB, Mark 1 offers convenient and smart Dual SIM Slots enabled with 4G connectivity.

It overall is a very promising device that promises to launch a relevant feature every month and Creo has managed to raise expectations by not just providing a device with top-notch specification and definitely a winner approach but also with a commitment that they will keep on improving the already amazing device month after month.

The CREO Mark 1 devices will be available on the company's official website ( and on Flipkart for purchase at Rs. 19,999 i.e $300. Do let us know, using the below comment field, if you feel that other brands too should concentrate on features that really are helpful to end user or just keep on adding features after features.

CREO debuts stock Android based OS - FUEL and smartphone Mark 1 at Rs. 19,999

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