Ghost caught on camera
Representational picture of a ghost Pixabay

A creepy picture, taken at an old-fashioned train carriage in Belfast, Northern Ireland has been giving people a piece of their worst nightmares. The picture was clicked at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

A 45-year old Jonathan Hanna attended the Halloween Day event at the transport museum, which happens to be a popular tourist attraction. While inside the carriage, the Bangor man clicked the picture. Surprisingly enough, the man was in for a big surprise.

The snap taken by Jonathan, shows, what appears to be a ghost, sitting in the train carriage, staring back at him.

The 45-year old Bangor man stated that the picture was taken on Halloween Day at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. He was apparently taking a tour of the carriage when no one else was in it. Jonathan started clicking pictures of the surroundings and returned home without going through the pictures again. After returning home, when Jonathan took a second look at the pictures, he was astonished. (See the picture here)

"It spooked me, I could not believe it. A few people have asked if it was photoshopped but I don't know how to do that," Jonathan told BelfastLive.

Spooky incidents particularly centering around Halloween have been a major source of thrill and adventure for teens and grown-ups alike. Pretty recently a ghost-like feature was captured on camera at Crumlin Road Gaol on Halloween Night. The picture was clicked during a paranormal tour at this popular tourist destination. The picture, taken at Crumlin Road clearly seems to have a face with two eyes, nose and mouth.

Most people are connecting these snaps with some form of a defect with the camera or are considering these to be simply an optical illusion. However, are these mere Halloween delusions or do ghosts actually exist?