Creepy Dad of Four Sued for Secretly Recording Hundreds of Nude Videos of Live-In Nanny

A Staten Island father of four is being sued after he secretly recorded "hundreds" of nude videos of his live-in nanny.

Colombian-born Kelly Andrade, 25, has filed a lawsuit against boss Michael Esposito for allegedly secretly filming her "hundreds" of times in various stages of undressing with a camera hidden in a smoke detector in her bedroom.

Secretly Recorded "Hundreds" of Nude Videos

Andrade claimed Esposito kept fiddling with the smoke detector which "was constantly being repositioned" according to the Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit. She examined the detector after three weeks and to her horror found a camera with a memory card which was "filled with hundreds of recordings" most of them captured her "nude and/or dressing/undressing" according to the documents.

A live-in nanny has sued her Staten Island boss
A live-in nanny has sued her Staten Island boss for secretly filming her 'hundreds' of times in various stages of undress Derek Smith Law Group

Esposito's Extreme and Outrageous Behavior

According to the nanny and court documents, Esposito arrived at the house "within minutes" after he realized she had discovered the hidden camera. In an attempt to get Esposito to go, Andrade pretended to be sleeping, but he kept "banging on the door," prompting her to go into "fight or flight mode," she added, according to the New York Post.

Michael Esposito
Michael Esposito is being sued by his live-in nanny for secretly filming hundreds of nude videos of her Twitter

Unauthorized Monitoring

She jumped out of the first-floor window in a bid to get away and ended up hurting her knees in the process. "I ran until I got far enough, where I felt safe enough to stop," she said adding she found herself in a completely unknown area and had to use GPS to find the nearest police station where she reported the incident and handed over the memory card to them.

Esposito was arrested on March 24 on a felony charge of unlawful surveillance.

Andrade is Seeking Unspecified Damages from Esposito and Cultural Care

Andrade was hired by Cultural Care Au Pair after completing hundreds of hours of training following which she was offered employment with the Espositos. She is also suing Cultural Care Au Pair who did nothing to help her.

She told the Post, "On top of what had just happened, now I don't have a place to stay, I'm in a completely unknown country."

Kelly Andrade
Colombian-born Kelly Andrade claimed she jumped out of her bedroom window to escape the terrifying confrontation Derek Smith Law Group

"I'm alone. I don't have any money, I don't know what I'm going to eat, I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow," she said, before adding the entire ordeal has left her "suicidal."

After Esposito's arrest, his lawyer denied the allegations.

Attorney Joseph Sorrentino told, "Any cameras that were installed were installed in his own home for security purposes."

Social Media Reactions

Many social media users called Esposito a "creepster". One user said, "I hope she walks away with millions. Nasty, despicable creeper." Another said, "Disgusting. I hope he is appropriately punished. Wishing this young lady good luck - she can find another job working for people who will treat her well." Some described the incident "scary" while others were glad that the nanny noticed the hidden camera.