Credit Ninja Lyann Nguyen , Founder of ReCredit is in High Demand Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lyann “Credit Ninja” Nguyen via Instagram @Creditninja

In 2008, during the American financial crisis, Lyann Nguyen aka Credit Ninja became a victim of fraud after being cheated out of more than $20 Million USD from her Financial Services Company. Out of nowhere, Lyann had lost her house, her bank accounts were frozen, and she went through a 4-year legal battle against her ex-business partners. This extreme hardship taught Lyann Nguyen many lessons, one of which was "how to recover from a catastrophic financial ruin and master the credit system". It was because of these hardships that she learned how to truly become a Credit Ninja.

Lyann Nguyen is the founder and CEO of ReCredit, a credit expert and mindset mentor, an advisor to CEOs, influencers, YouTubers, E-Commerce entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities, Lyann is helping pave the way for others to improve their lives. Through Lyann's mentorship program, she helps improve and enhance credit files and supports high-level entrepreneurs to take their credit knowledge and business to the next level.

Lyann's expertise in credit repair and financial mentorship has positively changed the lives of more than 100,000 clients in her 20+ year career, and no time is better than now during the COVID-19 pandemic for people to repair and improve their credit in order to get access to funding. Whether they're employed or self-employed Lyann is able to people from all walks of life.

According to Lyann she has never been busier in her 20+ year career than during the COVID-19 pandemic. "I'm so busy these days, I've actually had to turn clients away because I'm in such high demand due to the financial crisis that COVID-19 has caused. It's a blessing to be able to help people", recalls Lyann, "People come to me because they've seen my results on Instagram (@creditninja). The testimonials and results speak for themselves" added Lyann. This heightened demand has provoked Lyann to grow her company ReCredit so that no client is left behind. Her number one goal is to help people recover financially or learn how to leverage their credit score for financial abundance.

"I work with all types of clients, not just entrepreneurs. Everyone is a good fit as long as they are motivated to improve their financial situation and are willing to invest in themselves", exclaimed Lyann. "I want to help everyone live a little happier by achieving financial peace of mind".

She advises to use credit responsibly and leverage it in a way that it generates passive income and provides opportunities, instead of buying depreciating assets like luxury cars and extravagant items like designer clothing and the latest gadgets.

Lyann Nguyen's Instagram is ripe with hundreds of credit tips and testimonials from her financial mindset and mentorship clients. She's even gotten a clients' business funding for $1M USD recently and received a glowing testimonial that can be found on her Instagram.

In addition to credit repair Lyann mentors young entrepreneurs on mindset and how to scale their business one, of which is Danny Tran Founder and CEO of High stoke Media. In a glowing testimonial, Danny Tran said via Instagram "When we first met, I was just getting my feet wet. In the past 18 months we were able to scale from 0 to 7 figures in such a short time frame, and a huge part of that, I just wanted to say, has to do with Lyann. Not only does Lyann help with the credit and the finance and the business side of things, but also just being more of a personal mentor in terms of helping us build confidence and build the best products."

Lyann has shown that she is more than a credit ninja, she is definitely a lifestyle ninja in all aspects of business and life. Additionally, Lyann's most notable achievements include being an inventor of three patents relating to methods of advancing debit and credit transactions and online money transfers.

Lyann isn't slowing down anytime soon as she is currently expanding into VIP experiences in Las Vegas, and launching a charity with her team to help disadvantaged communities improve their credit and life.

Lyann regularly holds private masterminds with top influencers across multiple industries and trusts that she can keep on providing life-changing service during these difficult times. To find out more about Lyann Nguyen check out @creditninj) on Instagram or on her website company