Creatorshala parent company complay to open its 2nd oversees office in Singapore after Dubai

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Creatorshala has been showered with immense love and appreciation by all our creators ever since its recent launch which has pushed us to do even better. With that said, Creatorshala is all set to cut ribbons on our 2nd International office and what could be a better place than Singapore? With the people so passionate and dedicated towards work, it gives us a head start and no double mind in working with the lovely people here. Creatorshala has always believed in the tagline, "For the Creators, by the creators" and we're sure Singapore is full of people with creative and innovative minds.

Creatorshala is a platform which has been specially designed for content creators and it acts like a bridge between them and the new heights they barely knew even existed. From bagging collaborations with top brands to making their content reach the global audience, Creatorshala is a full-stack powerhouse. Let's dig into how Creatorshala was originally established.

Creatorshala opened its first international office in Dubai

Himanshu Mittal, the CEO of Creatorshala is a local boy from the national capital of India. Himanshu knew the potential of social media and being an engineer, the engineer inside him always strived to exploit it. He then saw how the number of content creators was rapidly growing and keeping the already established creators aside, the new creators who were equally talented were falling short of opportunities. Here's where his mind came to play, and he came up with a platform which acted like a medium between creators and brands. Brands too equally struggled to find worthy creators, owing to the number of people that have now taken up the field of content creation. Creatorshala assists brands in finding them their desired creator and similarly, the creators to bag them the collaborations and the reach that they deserve.

A local boy from the streets of Delhi had now reached the Capital of UAE's economy, Dubai. After opening Creatorshala's first international office in Dubai, Himanshu and his team launched the official app of Creatorshala which is now available on PlayStore as well as the AppStore. Since then, Creatorshala has only been climbing the stairs upstairs and the main reason that we believe that is behind that is, we listen to our users. This is a platform that is especially designed for content creators and our team constantly works on feedback received by our users to develop a better Creatorshala experience for them. 'Help us to help you, as they say.

Creatorshala and its team is more than pumped up to work in the beautiful environment of Singapore and we're sure that Creatorshala would definitely continue to be the medium between users and brands, as it always has been.

This article was first published on October 16, 2022