Creator Viktoria Kay Gives Insight to Becoming a Successful Influencer

Viktoria Kay

We have watched the vast growth of Viktoria Kay as a fitness, fashion, body positivity, and lifestyle influencer. Since then she has provided her followers with some tips that can help many creators who are starting out. Viktoria believes that in today's digital world choosing 'to influence' as a career can be a rewarding decision.

However, due to cut-throat competition and constant changing trends, it can feel impossible to succeed at times. However, with all of her experience, Viktoria gives her audience a few pieces of advice that can constructively help up-and-coming influencers. Here is what she trusts will help other aspiring influencers:

1. Find your area of interest

Viktoria Kay urges beginners to find their niche. Picking a lane will help prioritize creation and help produce quality and frequency of content. She says, "since social media is full of influencers already posting a lot of the same topics, make sure your content is authentic to you and not staged. People will like you for YOU. This should help."

2. Use every platform

Secondly, she suggests other influencers to create content for every platform. Viktoria Kay creates content not only on Instagram but also on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. It will help attract and grow different audiences, which is why she encourages newer creators to do the same.

3. Post frequent and regular content

Viktoria Kay strongly believes that frequent content makes a huge difference. She suggests that people should focus on posting often rather than focusing on perfection, especially in the beginning! There is so much competition out there and not posting because the content is not 100% perfect will not help. Even though quality is important, it should not compromise the frequency of posting. As mentioned before, it is important that the material is authentic to the person. Otherwise you may not have success in the social media world.

4. Treat it like a business

VK says that being an influencer is equivalent to running a business. When things get busier and start to take off with brand deals etc. it is important to think about building a team, system, and structure! Having a content calendar and Media Kit ,for instance, is very helpful. Organization and scheduling are also important elements of being a successful influencer.

5. Follow trends

Lastly, she says that "none of us know everything and should therefore be open to new transitions and expanding." She urges creators to keep learning new things so they can stay relevant on social media. Viktoria encourages others to figure out what is trending, and find ways to make that trend their own so it remains authentic. But she also thinks that creators should try to set new trends, which will really set them apart from the rest.

Viktoria Kay started her journey as a fitness and fashion model on Instagram. Most of her success came from discipline and persistence more than anything. With her unique content, she has earned a chance to work with brands like Fashion Nova, Dolls Kill, PLT, CASETIFY, and many more. With her dedication, Viktoria will only continue to grow each day.