Creating one of the most lucrative marketing agencies, meet Henny Yeshanew, the new face of the growing entrepreneurial world

Henny Yeshanew

For all those youngsters who aim to achieve big in life and become entrepreneurs going against the traditional rules and breaking the shackles of society which wants them to opt for careers that are considered to be safe, life and the road to achieving their dreams were never meant to be easy and are most of the times full of challenges. However, it takes sheer passion and hunger to get nearer to one's goals in life and one such youngster who in a very short span of time could make his dreams a reality, gain momentum as an entrepreneur and serve as an inspiration for many is Henok (Henny) Yeshanew from Toronto, Canada. If it is about inspiring other youngsters, breaking down barriers in life and emerging as one of the leading names in the entrepreneurial world, the best example one can give is of Henny.

At only 24 years of age, this young business personality is the owner and founder of a leading full-service marketing firm called Lion Marketing Agency that caters to all types of businesses be it small, medium or large and help them in carving their journey in their respective sectors by scaling their businesses to newer and greater heights through their effective use of marketing, advertising, PR, consulting, branding and many other services.

Henny belonged to an immigrant family that came to Canada from Ethiopia. He came from a family that strictly believed in following the traditional guidelines on living life. The young boy followed the guidelines as set by the family, but little did he know then that life would place him into the world of entrepreneurship soon. While in school and college he did excellently well in academics and went ahead to become a lawyer from McMaster University. In his last year of under graduation, Henny realized that his true calling was something else and realized his inclination towards doing business.

As he left the University, he dived deep into the ocean of the vast marketing world as a one-man show. To get more knowledge and experience in the same, he did everything required for his business to flourish right from taking care of client relationships, marketing, to advertising, sales and all other related stuff. He, along with his business partner Adam soon was successful in scaling their business to the next level. Today they are a complete team consisting of nine efficient members working for medium to large scale businesses but also focusing on small businesses through an effective program that aims to benefit them to grow and scale their companies affordably. However, the success that came along through all these years with his company Lion Marketing Agency was not a cakewalk for them, and it made them face a number of challenges which ultimately transformed them into a more substantial and robust team and organization.

It is now that Henny realizes what it takes to become a success story in the entrepreneurial world. He realized that becoming an entrepreneur is not only about creating or launching a business; it is also about paving a path for others that can lead them to achieve higher success in their endeavours.

Not just that, Henny also works towards educating the youth about entrepreneurship and even offers them an internship at his agency so that they get on the ground and get real life experiences of the business which guide them in knowing whether entrepreneurship is what they seek in life.

Henny has proved his mettle already being under 25 and has received Top 40 Under 40 Award. His family has also understood his passion as a businessman and since then has encouraged him to climb more ladders to success in entrepreneurship.