Creating a Deeper Passion in Long-Term Relationships

Sigurd Vedal

When people experience a lack of passion and intimacy within their marriages, they tend to believe that that marks the end of the relationship. Society (television in particular, according to Scientific American) has taught them that something is wrong with their marriage if they aren't all-consumed with their spouses, and they should call it quits. Something (or someone) better is out there waiting for them.

This thinking is false and can prematurely damage a perfect relationship. Just because they don't feel a strong desire for their spouse at this moment doesn't mean they will not feel that way about them ever again. Relationship coach Sigurd Vedal teaches that the flame of love can be reignited if both partners are willing to put in some effort.

Here, you'll find Sigurd's personal journey through marriage and divorce and how his experience has allowed him to help hundreds of couples rediscover their passion for each other.

Lack of Passion Leads to Failed Marriages

Marriages come to a screeching halt when couples seek to fulfill their desires for passion outside of their marriages. Wives have affairs with guy friends or coworkers, trying to capture that feeling of genuine connection, emotional support, and care that they are not receiving from their husbands. Husbands have hook-ups with other women when they haven't received the intimate touches from their wives that they crave. Both act out inappropriately because they do not have the tools and knowledge they need to communicate their needs to each other.

Sigurd Vedal experienced this first-hand when he and his wife went through a divorce. They tried counseling with several different counselors, but they left each session feeling like something was still missing. After their divorce, Sigurd Vedal began to question if it was even possible for love to last forever in a long-term relationship.

Because he didn't want anyone else to have to sit their kids down and give them the divorce talk, Sigurd Vedal created a marriage coaching program called Marriage Booster. With this program, he aims to help couples reconnect and discover their passion for each other.

Boosting Love & Passion in Marriage

As Sigurd Vedal discovered, it is possible to have passion within a long-term relationship. It's not constant or obsessive like when a couple first starts dating, but it does involve intense feelings and sexual interest. When couples work to create romantic love in their marriages, both partners feel a sense of satisfaction, well-being, and high self-esteem.

How can you reignite the flame of love in your marriage? Here are a few ideas:

1. Work on Communication: If you learn how your partner prefers to communicate, you're on your way to a stronger, healthier marriage. According to research, you'll experience a better relationship with your spouse when making communication a priority.

2. Have Pillow Talk: Intimacy can boost the passion in your marriage, and private conversations with your spouse in bed can lead to enhanced closeness.

3. Try New Things Together: Put some excitement into your marriage by planning activities you can do together. Try taking a fitness class, learning an instrument, or volunteering together.

4. Show Your Appreciation: When you recognize your spouse's sacrifices for you or your family, express your gratitude. Compliment them, offer a helping hand, or do something extravagant.

5. Sign Up for Relationship Counseling: It's perfectly normal to need help reconnecting with your spouse. If you'd like to learn how to properly communicate with your partner and meet their needs, sign up for a marriage coaching program, such as Marriage Booster. These types of programs help partners find satisfaction with each other and not outside sources.

Rekindling the Passion With the Love Flame Method

The love between spouses is not unconditional. Because of this, it takes a conscious effort on the part of both parties to recreate the passionate love they felt between each other when they first started dating.

Sigurd Vedal recognized the truth behind love being conditional after he researched expert opinions. He developed his love flame method, which is the practice of performing actions that will fulfill one's spouse's needs. Sigurd Vedal describes love as a flame: the more it is fed, the bigger it will burn. When the spouse's needs are met in a way they want and not how the other partner wants, thus feeding the flame, there's more significant attraction and desire.

Rediscovering a Passionate Marriage

The fire of love doesn't have to be a thing of the past. When partners learn to communicate and put their spouse's needs first, they can reconnect and become stronger than ever. Sign up for Marriage Booster and receive guidance designed to help you meet your spouse's emotional needs.