Create Your Own Blockchain Application

blockchain application

The blockchain technology has been causing ripples in the global market recently and many businesses are beginning to adopt this. Blockchain apps are decentralized apps without a server that serve as an intermediary between users. The users are responsible for sending and verifying data. When data is shared in a blockchain network, all the users receive the message in their devices and have records of it. Once blocks of data are added to a chain, they can not be altered, and this makes it difficult to steal data from blockchain. The steps below will show you how to create your own blockchain application.

Do you have a need for blockchain?-The first step is to find out if you really need a blockchain app. You need to evaluate the idea of getting a blockchain app first before you proceed with the plan

Competitor research- The next step is to analyze the existing market and figure out the gap you need to close. There are several existing blockchain apps, so if you must venture into the business, you should take time to study them and leverage on their shortcomings.

Choose your building options- There are several building options available to you when you want to create your own blockchain application. You can choose to incorporate an open blockchain into yours, create a private network, use a Baas provider or build your own blockchain using the platform you consider appropriate for you.

Select a platform-Choose a platform for your blockchain from the available options such as Ethererum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda, and Ripple. Ethereum is the most popular platform and it uses a language called Solidity while Hyperledger requires a team of Java, JavaScript, and Go blockchain app developers. R3 Corda can be integrated with legacy systems and it is used in supply chain, healthcare, commerce, and trade finance. Ripple is recommended if your interest is to create a financial tool.

It is important that you know that the skill set needed from your development team depends on the platform you chose. For example, if you are choosing a platform that uses Solidity, your development team will be required to learn the language. An important hint is to choose a platform that uses Simplicity or Solidity as these two are very common.

Development- This process depends on the language, platform, interactions and transactions strategy, chosen method of consensus, and whether you are using an existing blockchain your own blockchain The three stages of development are business analysis, design, preparation, development, deployment, and maintenance..

Someday, blockchain apps will become as important as our mobile phone browsers. With the increasing attention it has been receiving recently, there is room for it to make way to the application list of every mobile phone owner. The increasing demand for it has led polkadot into creating a platform that helps you create your own blockchain app in very easy steps.