Crazycatz NFT, Where The Real And Digital World Meet

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Crazycatz NFT

Lately, the NFT space has been taking the world by storm. Statistics have shown that the total NFT sales were recorded at $250 million in 2020. However, between January and March of 2021, the total number had shot to $2 billion.

But did you know that about three years ago, the NFT market was only $42 million? Yet, in 2021 alone, more than 28.6 million wallets were traded in the NFT space. The exponential rise of the market is proof that NFT is the future.

Crazycatz is one of the NFT collections shaping the future of web3 collectibles.

About Crazycatz

Crazycatz NFT is a collection of 8,888 unique designs with more than 200 traits that combine Western and Chinese culture, a country with the most interest in NFTs.

Crazycatz was created by Andreas and William, who are established 3D artists who have won multiple awards over the years with their creative and artistic abilities. Their mission and goal are to connect the real and digital world through forming real partnerships with established companies.

Bringing Out The Crazycatz Branded Line Of Craft Beer

Crazycatz NFT traits are inspired by drawing upon the Asian and Western cultures. They are in collaboration with the Chinese Alcohol company "No Rules".

This decade-long partnership is meant to bring out a Crazycatz Branded line of craft beer. Additionally, it will solidify Crazycatz as a credible NFT collection.

Why NFTs?

NFTs are the new creative expression, allowing artists, companies, and brands to provide originality and authenticity in the rising digital age.

For example, the Crazycatz NFT partnership brings trust, longevity, and real-world utility to the project.

Unlike cryptocurrency, NFTs are irreplaceable, unique, and offer exclusive ownership on the blockchain, which is what all the hype is about.

Crazycatz NFT Holders

Crazycatz NFT holders will receive exclusive access to selected pieces of their merchandise for free. These holders form a community where they donate to a charity. These community holders vote for the community to decide what charity we donate to.

Therefore, make it your ambition to become part of this community shaping the future.

NFTs, web 3, and the metaverse are the future, and Crazycatz wants to be the collection to blend the bridge between the digital and physical world.

This article was first published on March 6, 2022