COVID-19: Here is a list of travel restrictions imposed by countries due to coronavirus epidemic

Along with mainland China, South Korea, Iran and Italy have emerged as new epicentres of the Covid-19 outbreak

Novel coronavirus, officially called Covid-19, first emerged in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei province. Initially, almost all cases were reported in China, which has till now reported more than 90,000 cases and over 3,000 fatalities.

For the past few days, the trend has reversed, with other countries reporting more of cases than the Chinese mainland. Consequently, South Korea in Asia, Italy in Europe and Iran in the middle-east have emerged as the new epicentres of coronavirus.

Travel restrictions in Europe

Italy on Europe's map
Italy (marked in red) Wikimedia Commons

In Europe, Italy is the hardest-hit, with 2,036 cases and 52 fatalities, with cases in several countries linked to recent travel to Italy or close contact with someone who travelled there. To curb the virus from spreading, several countries have imposed travel restrictions.

Travel restrictions in middle-east

Iran on map of Asia
Iran (marked in red) Wikimedia Commons

In the middle-east, Iran has been the hardest hit with 1,501 cases and 66 deaths.

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