COVID-19: Does the Novel Coronavirus Spread Through Food? Here Is What WHO Claims

Russian has registered a coronavirus vaccine that it claims to be safe and is going to start a mass vaccination program in October

The World Health Organization on Thursday mentioned that there is no evidence pointing that coronavirus or COVID-19 spreads through food or packaging, putting an end to doubts among people who are afraid of the virus getting an entry to the food chain.

"People should not fear food, or food packaging or processing or delivery of food," the head of the emergency program Mike Ryan mentioned in a briefing in Geneva. "There is no evidence that food or the food chain is participating in the transmission of this virus. And people should feel comfortable and safe," he claimed according to reports.

COVID-19 and Food


The doubts rose after two cities in China found traces of the deadly novel virus in the outer packaging of frozen Ecuadorian shrimp and also imported frozen chicken wings that arrived from Brazil. The epidemiologist of WHO, Maria Van Kerkhove mentioned that very few food packages had found positive for the deadly virus among the thousands of various food packages that were tested.

Brazil, on the other hand, mentioned that they wanted to seek clarification on the findings stating that it was not responsible for what happened to the goods after it left the South American nation, as reported by the DNA.

The deadly novel virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times infecting more than 20.9 million people globally and claiming the livers of over 755,000 people worldwide in over 170 countries.

Scientists around the world are working at a rapid speed to find a cure for the as recently Russia registered its first coronavirus vaccine called Sputnik V that the nation claims to be safe and effective. Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed the efficiency of the virus and also stated that one of his daughters who was part of the experiment is currently feeling well.

The speed at which Russia approved the vaccine had raised the eyebrows of experts around the world. Most of them are not sure whether the vaccine is safe or not as the WHO also claimed that the vaccine is not in advanced stages of testing.

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