Man convicted as he fails to report movement of cash over S$20,000 in Singapore

Foreign currency Pixabay

A man, aged 48, was convicted in court on Friday, March 29 for failing to report movement of currencies valued at more than S$213,000 when entering the country.

In a news release, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) stated that on November 3, 2018, the police were alerted to a case of a man carrying cash amounting more than S$20,000. The man, Tan Wai Meng, was seen at the arrival hall of Changi Airport Terminal 2.

Further investigation revealed that officials tracked the accused, Tan, addressed as a watch enthusiast, who was carrying various currencies worth more than S$213,000 when he entered Singapore. However, when asked, he failed to give a report regarding the cash movements to the airport authority officer.

On Friday, Tan was sentenced to a fine of S$6,000/- for failure to report movement of cash under Section 48C(1), punishable under Section 48C(2), of the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act, Chapter 65A (CDSA).

In the news release, the SPF said that that "public of the statutory requirement to declare the physical movement of any cash exceeding S$20,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency into or out of Singapore, and failure to do so constitutes an offence."