Couple married 61 years held their hands before dying a day apart due to Coronavirus

Peter was found seriously ill after his wife Eleanor was admitted to a hospital due to coronavirus

Eleanor and Peter Baker died a day apart due to coronavirus three weeks later they attended a Police reunion. The couple were able to hold their hands in the Intensive Care Unit when the hospital arranged an end-of-life visit for their family members.

It all started when Eleanor and Peter Baker decided to travel to New Jersey State Police reunion in Melbourne, Florida on March 10. Before the trip, their daughter MacDowell reminded to be conscious about washing their hands. NBC reported, MacDowell made sure they pack hand sanitizers. They assured her that the event would be small.

The 61 years married couple came in contact with a friend who was infected with coronavirus and was showing asymptomatic at the reunion. MacDowell said that five other people also contracted the virus at the event but later got recovered.

Eleanor drove to the hospital in Leesburg, Florida and got admitted after she became ill on March 23. When they could not reach their father, MacDowell's sister Patti who lives in Jacksonville drove three hours and found him seriously ill.

Couple met and hold hands in ICU for one last time

Ealoner and Peter Baker
Eleanor and Peter Baker facebook/Kathleen Baker

Peter was exceptionally ill and could not get out of bed. But he was able to breathe, MacDowell said. Peter was taken by the ambulance and admitted to the same Leesburg hospital whereas Patty and her husband had to be quarantined for two weeks as they were in direct contact with Peter.

Peter Baker was on a ventilator in intensive care most of the time while he was admitted to the hospital. "They brought mom up to be with dad in the ICU" when the hospital arranged end-of-life visit. "Mom was able to hold Dad's hand," MacDowell said. All five siblings met Peter when he was removed from the ventilator.

Peter, 85 died on April 3 and Eleanor Baker, 84 died the day before. MacDowell appealed to people through a Facebook post to be careful about washing hands, maintaining a safe distance and wearing masks. She also appreciated efforts being executed by health workers to recover coronavirus patients by putting their lives in danger. "Imagine not being able to breathe and being scared and being alone. The wonderful nurses and doctors become your lifeline to your loved ones. Thank God for them," she wrote.

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