Could Disney ever acquire the James Bond franchise? CEO Bob Iger responds

Under CEO Bob Iger Disney purchased the likes of Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm.

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The year 2019 was certainly big for Disney, especially for the media giant's CEO Bob Iger who has been named the Time's Business Person of the year for his outstanding work. There's no question that Iger played a vital role during the 20th Century Fox acquisition, and while discussing his career with Time, he also addresses an important question: does Disney have its eyes on any other intellectual property?

The successful purchase of 20th Century Fox film & TV properties have played out in Disney's favor with the company's recently launched SVOD platform already making use of those titles. But what many considered as the bigger success was Marvel Studios finally acquiring the X-Men and Fantastic Four IP.

Disney CEO Bob Iger is a James Bond Fan!

Iger was praised for his part in pushing the deal go through but hypothetically if the CEO had the opportunity to purchase any other such big IPs, which would it be? Surprisingly, it wasn't the typical Marvel-type fantasy IP rather a much bigger franchise.

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Disney Plus

"We're not looking to buy anything right now," said Iger. "But I've always been a huge James Bond fan."

Bob Iger is also responsible for purchasing Pixar, Marvel & Lucasfilm's Star Wars

The Mouse House purchasing the 007 franchise? News like that would certainly break the internet but Iger assures that they aren't planning on making such big purchases at the present time. Nonetheless, the CEO chose to reveal his love for James Bond films does put it under his zone if EON Productions ever plans on selling the rights in the future.

So far, Iger's tenure has brought Disney some of the biggest achievements from purchasing Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. The recent Fox merger also brought several big blockbuster franchises such as Avatar, Simpsons, etc.

The CEO also remarked on the studios' success and noted on their future with Disney plus and more. "This has been probably one of the most productive years we've had as a company in the 15 years that I've been in this job," he elaborated. "This time last year, we had not closed the deal for Fox," he added. "We had not opened up two Star Wars Lands, we had not launched Disney+. We had not closed the deal for control of Hulu."

2020 could yet again be a big year in terms of racking in massive numbers at the global box office for Disney thanks to films like Marvel's Black Widow, The Eternals, Mulan, etc.