Snake killed Malaysian man
Snake killed Malaysian man Reuters & Pixabay

A man, 35, was trying to catch a four-metre-long python on January 28, Sunday in Malaysia but lost his life at the spot after the reptile strangled him to death.

Azizan Tukiman, the police chief Superintendent of Kuala Langat said that the man was identified as Zaim Khalis Kosnan. According to Malaymail online, the unemployed man told his sister that he wanted to catch a python after he saw it at Kuala Langat around 3 am.

Tukiman said that the victim left the house with "a pair of gloves and a small sickle to capture the snake so he could sell it later."

By the time several witnesses saw Kosnan at Kg Jenjarom around 3.20 am and tried to save his life, he was already dead.

Tukiman also mentioned that when those passers-by were trying to rescue the man from the reptile's grip, they also killed the python.

Later Kosnan's body was sent to Banting Hospital for post-mortem.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department operations management chief Alimaddia Bukri said that they received the news at around 4.08 am and reached the location as soon as possible. The officers later took the dead python to get it buried.

Animal trafficking cases are not new in Malaysia as officials have seized thousands of elephant tusks, pangolin scales, live animals and wildlife parts from all over the country.