Cosmic Girls talk about their chemistry with Yoo Yeon Jung and their Chinese counterparts

Cosmic Girls revealed shares a great bond with Yoo Yeon Jung.

Cosmic girls are elated to welcome the newest addition to their group. I.O.I's Yoo Yeon Jung has been named as the 13th member of the rookie group, and is likely to start with the group activities from August.

The girl group members revealed they share a great bond with Yeon Jung and feel that the young singer brings more energy into the group. During their conversation on KBS's Park Kyung Rim's 2 O'Clock Date, the girls opened about the band's transformation.

"We already knew about it to some extent. We have been friends with Yeon Jung since we were trainees and we have been supporting one another a lot all this time. The agency gathered us around and informed us. We are happy and fascinated about her addition," the girls asserted.

Furthermore, Eunseo, who now shares her room with the 17-year-old stated that she is quite sensitive about her room. She jokingly said: "And by going head to head I mean that we had a celebratory party. We had a fun time and snacked on peaches."

Guest members Exy, Eunseo, Soobin and Dawon also shared views on their chemistry with the Chinese counterparts in the group and how do they get along with each other. Eunseo stated: "Cheng Xiao, Xian Yi, and Mei Qi try to learn more about Korean culture and we also study up on our Mandarin. The Chinese members really like kimchi. They eat soondae and even chicken feet."