Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao talks about horrific lower back cramp before rhythmic gymnastics competition

Cheng Xiao won the first place at the event.

Cosmic Girls/WJSN member Cheng Xiao showed off her impressive flexibility during the rhythmic gymnastics category of 2016 Idol Sports Athletic Championship. The 18-year-old girl group member beat FIESTAR's Cao Lu with 13 points and won the first place.

Xiao revealed she had to suffer pain during the rehearsals. She told to OSEN: "While the [performance was] short, I'm happy to have seen good results, and I'm even happier because it's like I was able to give back to my teacher and my staff. Seeing the WJSN members cheering me on and crying after it was over, I cried too."

She added: "It had never happened during practice, but during the rehearsal before the performances, my lower back cramped, and my teachers were all alarmed. I took medicine, and my teachers did everything they could to loosen my back. With the help of everyone, I was able to perform well."

Meanwhile, Xiao posted a photo of her holding her gold medal on the group's Instagram account. She captioned the image: "Jjjaannn! I won 1st for ISAC rhythm gymnastics. I'm happier because it's my 1st time. My members were in front cheering for me but I cried after my performance because I saw them crying. I love my WJSN members. Also thank you to everyone who cheered on me. I got a gold medal!"