Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao reveals her magic diet plan to maintain amazing figure

Cheng Xiao eats only chicken breast, sweet potatoes, vegetables and fruit while dieting.

Cosmic Girls member Cheng Xiao
Cosmic Girls member Cheng Xiao reveals how she maintains her figure Facebook/Cosmic-Girls_WJSN-Cheng-Xiao

Cosmic Girls/WJSN member Cheng Xiao has revealed how she maintains her body figure. The 18-year-old girl group member revealed the diet plan she follows which helps in toning.

Talking to Cosmopolitan, she said: "I'm the type to quickly gain weight if I don't take care of myself. When I'm dieting, I eat only chicken breast, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. However, when I have a busy schedule, I try to make sure to eat one proper meal a day for energy."

Adding on, Xiao confessed: "I want a body like SISTAR's Bora. I really envy the shape of Bora's thin legs."

Meanwhile, during an interview with Park Seul Gi, Xiao was asked about the part of her body she is the most and least confident about. She replied: "The part I am most confident about is my eyes and my complex is my legs. When I was doing gymnastics, I had a lot of muscles on my legs. So now even though I diet like crazy, my legs don't lose weight. It's a concern of mine. But these days, people tell me to not lose weight, so I like that."

In September, Xiao had showed off her impressive flexibility during the rhythmic gymnastics category of 2016 Idol Sports Athletic Championship. She beat FIESTAR's Cao Lu with 13 points and won the first place.