Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner Anush Movsesian on How She Made skinsandneedles a Leading Brand

Anush Movsesian

These days, there are tons of places consumers can go for beauty tips, injections, or cosmetic help. When that's the case, what sets someone apart? Anush Movsesian has made her career in the intersection between health and aesthetics. With her background, education, skillset, and professional practices, Movsesian has found a unique way to improve the lives of her clientele.

With over 17k followers, skinsandneedles has become a wildly popular Instagram brand. Movsesian showcases both her professional advice and her own beauty routines, adding a personal touch to her professional-level expertise. By following her on Amazon, fans get a first look at the brands she uses for make-up, hair care, and skin care, among other things. But what people genuinely appreciate about skinsandneedles is how it fuses health and beauty to create a natural, feel-good pathway to looking your best. Movsesian believes that when you can turn a passion into a way to help people, you are living your best life. She strives to help people access confidence and empowerment through aesthetics. In doing so, Movsesian believes she's helping them achieve a better life.

Movsesian has always been interested in the beauty industry. After finishing her Bachelor's degree in marketing, she launched and successfully ran a blog called. Still, she wasn't quite sure how to turn this passion into a career. When her brother-in-law suggested that she become a nurse, she started researching how she could use that career path in conjunction with her true love - aesthetics. She went on to get first her nursing degree and then her nurse practitioner's license. This landed her a job as a full-time Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner that specializes in Aesthetic Medicine. With the rise in popularity of Instagram, she finally launched skinsandneedles.

Anush Movsesian has made a unique career for herself in the intersection of aesthetics and health. She helps people feel better about themselves and gives them the tools and guidance to do so. It is probably for this reason that skinsandneedles has become so wildly popular and beloved by fans.

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