Corpbiz ensures Seamless Delivery of BIS Certification for Electronic Products & Medical Devices


The demand for IT and electronic products has grown all over the world. In fact, we are in an era where we possibly cannot imagine a life free of electronic dependability. At such a time, there is a necessity to import increasing amounts of the same to make shortage ends meet. India, as a developing country, believes in importing only the best quality products to curb the needs of IT. And the "Made in India" initiative has made the system even more rigid to solely bring in the highest quality electronics and IT products. In order to govern the effective regulation of such practices, we have something called the BIS certificate.

BIS Certification is an assurance for giving customers an expert warranty on the excellence, security, and dependability of products. Although BIS Certification is purely optional, the Indian state has made it so that certain products must be BIS Certified in order to comply with public health regulations. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the National Standards Body, offers BIS Certification in India. Since 1947, BIS has effectively promoted and nurtured the standards movement in India. BIS is involved in a variety of tasks, including developing standards, approving goods, hallmarking, developing measurement and testing procedures, and much more.

"The consumer electronics market in India is anticipated to witness an upward trend and grow at an impressive CAGR of 6.5% from 2022 to 2030. It will reach USD 124.94 billion from its current value, i.e., USD 73.7 billion by 2030. In the last 6 years, domestic electronics production has achieved 2.3X growth. An uncertified product may witness a good sales report at an initial level, but eventually, it will lose the trust and credibility of the customer. Also, uncertified products are usually associated with possible health risks. By looking at the demand for BIS-certified products in the market, we ensure seamless BIS Certification for electronic products and medical devices. Till now, we have delivered 4500+ BIS Certificates to manufacturers as well as importers of electronic items and medical devices. We are receiving 180+ enquiries every day regarding how to obtain BIS Certification. It shows the growing awareness among product manufacturers and importers."Corpbiz Co-founder Mr. Narendra Kumar said.

Every company that imports and sells electronic goods, including mobile phones, LED televisions, and Light bulbs in the nation, is obliged to record with the BIS for approval; otherwise, the consignments would be re-exported, based on the Directorate General of Foreign Trade's (DGFT) statement.

The products that require a mandatory BIS License or Certification are showcased below-

  1. Cement
  2. Automobile accessories
  3. Food and related products
  4. Household electrical goods
  5. Oil pressure stoves
  6. Diesel engines
  7. Medical Equipment
  8. Cylinders, Valves and Regulators
  9. Steel Products
  10. Electrical Transformers

Some goods must have a BIS License or Certification in order to be sold, with public safety and well-being taken into account. Without BIS Accreditation, no one is allowed to produce or sell items. Items that need a BIS License or Approval are concrete, domestic electrical appliances, food items and related goods, diesel motors, oil-fired stoves, accessories for automobiles, valves, cylinders, controllers, medical supplies, Steel-based goods, and generators for electricity.

"With our wide network of partners in 50+ countries, we are striving to simplify the process of global certification and approval. The number of products listed to be certified under BIS is growing daily; thus, obtaining BIS Certification is a wise option to gain market access and ensure that the manufactured product is of a high standard. "Narendra Kumar quoted.

BIS accreditation is a complex process that calls for sufficient skill and a professional attitude. The manual section has several errors, which inevitably result in the rejection of the registration. You won't have to deal with these complications & difficulties if Corpbiz help is available. You only need to provide Corpbiz BIS Experts with the necessary credentials and information, and you're ready to proceed. The professionals at Corpbiz will handle all the paperwork and guarantee the successful delivery of Certificates with no problems.