#Coronavirustruth and censorship: Corpses piling up, crematoriums 24/7 and forced quarantine [VIDEOS}

Though the number of officially confirmed cases are coming down, the epidemic is far from over with over a thousand cases and close to a hundred fatalities reported each day.

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak continues to rise though there is a fall in the number of new cases. On Monday, mainland China reported 1,886 new Covid-19 cases and 98 fatalities. Thus, the total number of cases and fatalities in the mainland has surged to 72,436 and 1,868, respectively.

Though the number of cases and fatalities reported daily have come down, numerous videos have emerged showing dead bodies crammed up in ambulances and people lying on the streets. According to reports, crematoriums in Wuhan are working 24/7, with scarce resources and manpower. Millions are restrained indoors as large cities are under lockout.

At such a critical moment, Communist China is fighting a twin battle--fighting the virus along with information and reports critical of the Xi Jinping regime.

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Covid-19 fatalities

Several videos and images are being shared online, as being related to the Covid-19 outbreak in China. In one such video, workers are moving a corpse into an ambulance, with several others crammed inside.

Videos capturing medical and police staff collapsing highlight the workload and pressure they're faced with while fighting the deadly disease.

Then, there are the over-worked crematoriums. Workers at a Wuhan crematorium told an undercover reporter of The Epoch Times that they are cremating dead bodies at a rate four-five times greater than usual. The numbers sky-rocketed since January 22 and reached its peak during the first week of February.

Four other Wuhan crematoriums are dealing with the rise in fatalities. The worker claimed that about 60 percent bodies come from private homes, while the rest are from hospitals. According to him, the majority of bodies that are brought from homes are cases of Covid-19 infection. The worker says over-work and lack of supplies and staff as major issues that they're faced with.

China censors critical news items on Covid-19 outbreak

From Li Wenliang, the doctor who rang an early alarm over coronavirus and later died of the same disease to Chen Qiushi, the citizen journalist forced into quarantine for publishing reports from ground zero of the virus outbreak, the communist regime is working hard to censor reports that paint a true picture of the epidemic.

Last week, police arrested Fang Bin, a journalist who posted several videos from Wuhan. One of his videos that went viral on social media captured scores of dead bodies piled up in a van.

While local media is highly censored, any content critical of the communist regime is immediately censored on social media as well. Last week, the government announced a set of ten crimes linked to coronavirus outbreak. It includes guideline against fake news and rumor-mongering, especially those inciting separatism and subversion of state power, or undermining national unity, South China Morning Post reported.

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