Coronavirus Vaccine Will Kill Billions, Says AFL Legend Echoing Wild Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories

AFL Legend Gary Ablett Sr released a controversial video while sharing his thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine development

Australian Football League (AFL) legend Gary Ablett Sr. has uploaded a video that indicates that he is now one of the anti-vaxxers and provided a rare insight into the state of mind of the former sports star who many regard as the greatest to have played the Australian rules football.

In the lengthy face-to-camera video, he linked the novel Coronavirus pandemic to the "end times" biblical prophecies and delivered widely circulated COVID-19 theories about Freemasons and the Illuminati. He has voiced his radical views on the Coronavirus pandemic and asked people to wake up to expose the masterminds.

Gary Ablett Sr.
Gary Ablett Sr. AFL legend YouTube

The Viral Video by Ablett

The 27-minute long video was recorded inside his car and then was uploaded on YouTube on Friday, September 17. The 58-year old former AFL star said, "It's not natural. It didn't come from bats. They're lying to us and they have been for decades. It was man-made in a lab. Deliberately designed and deliberately released."

He also claimed that no one wants to produce a cure, because "they want us to take their vaccines. And their vaccines are going to kill us. They want to wipe out billions of people." He said in the video that the development of a vaccine is a part of a "trans-humanist" plot.

According to him, through those Coronavirus vaccines about which people are talking about, "they want to change our DNA and there are things in them... and they are trying to link us up with artificial intelligence [AI] so we can both give and receive messages."

Gary Ablett Sr and Gary Ablett Jr
Gary Ablett Sr and Gary Ablett Jr Twitter/ AFL

The AFL legend who is the father of Gary Ablett Jr. —who is currently playing for Geelong Football Club—also said that the Coronavirus is "camouflage" for globalist agendas like the introduction of a one-world currency and the cash-less society. As per Ablett, 'They need to crash the global economy" and in this way, they can bring "global digital currency. A one-world money system that is going to lead to the mark of the beast."

He also said that the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews was being used by those who were conducting the conspiracy and added that he is nothing but a puppet to a very corrupt establishment. "The Illuminati's goal is also to reduce to the population of the world to 500 million ... because 7.7 billion people are too hard to control," he said.

Ablett also asked people to "wake up and rise up and stand against this stuff." He stressed on exposing people who are behind this "conspiracy" and reveal who they really are "because it's all satanic. The only real answer for the world at this time is to repent of your sins and give your heart to Jesus Christ."

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